More Tough-Times Healthcare Marketing Secrets

Keeping the roof over your head when it looks like the sky is falling. Healthcare organizations that stick to their marketing plan during a recession maintain and grow while the competition is hiding. And studies show they also enjoy a bigger up-side when the economy improves. We’ve published several articles about healthcare marketing in a […]

Healthcare Branding: That Was Then. This Is Now.

There’s been a dramatic increase in the need for healthcare branding. In fact, we’d have to call it a huge rise in doctor branding, physician branding and hospital branding—all propelled by various factors in the marketplace. Broadly speaking, we’d put the change-agents under the umbrella label of “healthcare reform.” And three of these forces—empowered patients, […]

It’s the Top of the 12th: Time to Check Your Hospital’s Box Score

Everyone in healthcare and hospital marketing likes business performance metrics. (Well, nearly everyone.) The benchmark or progress numbers that quantify exactly how we’re doing. It’s how marketing people (and the boss) keep score. Metrics tell us if a project is meeting its goals, or if an advertising campaign is producing results, and sometimes how we […]

Why Hospital Marketing Decisions by Committee Rarely Work

Hospital Marketing is Changing >In the 21st Century, hospital marketers have been exploring a new sales approach for today’s consumer/patient. There has been an explosion of product choices and digital channels, coupled with the emergence of an increasingly discerning, well-informed patient, forcing all hospitals to navigate a much more complicated marketing, advertising and sales environment. […]

Hospital Marketing: Why Spaghetti Marketing Doesn’t Work

The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics notes that as many as 50 percent of all businesses do not have a marketing plan. And from the same source: Over 90 percent of all businesses without a marketing plan fail within their second year. A correlation? Of course there is! The old adage: Businesses that fail to […]

Acquisitions and Consolidation: Structure, Culture, and Strategy to Make It Work?

SHSMD 2011 Direct: Rose Glenn and Elizabeth Schnell of Henry Ford Health System Rose Glenn and Elizabeth Schnell of Henry Ford Health System in Detroit spoke with Healthcare Success Director of Client Services Jamie Roney…live from the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development meeting in Phoenix. Mergers, acquisitions, developing an accountable care organization, or […]

High Tech House Calls, Telemedicine Differentiate in Hospital Marketing

For centuries, doctors made house calls to patients’ homes. Except in some rural communities, these visits have become about as practical as using mustard plasters to promote respiratory health. In today’s world, telemedicine increasingly enables doctor-patient communications in two different places for a high-tech house call. Telemedicine is also a great “hook” for hospital marketing […]

Advanced Technology Is A Star Trek Branding Opportunity For Hospital Marketing

Healthcare delivery isn’t exactly like Gene Roddenberry envisioned it on the Star Trek television series nearly a half-century ago. Or is it? Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy was armed with futuristic devices like medical tricorders, hyposprays for needle-free injections, and vital signs monitors in Sick Bay. So are any of the science fiction devices similar to what […]

Hospital Marketing Invokes Heavenly Patient Experience to Face Goliath in Ohio

What’s your hospital marketing, advertising and public relations strategy going to be with Goliath in your back yard? Here’s the picture… St. John Medical Center in Westlake, Ohio, is less than eight miles (and under 15 minutes) from Fairview Hospital, a Cleveland Clinic facility. If Cleveland Clinic isn’t a Goliath in the hospital world, it’s […]


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