Hospital Ad-Wars: Who Wins When Titans Clash?

This is a story about competing hospital systems where the legal wrangling spilled into contentious advertising. The controversial television and newspaper debate became so heated that the governor intervened. (Without much success, however.) There are a number of PR hotspots in several states were hospitals, health systems, insurance providers and even politicians are tangled in […]

Why Social Spending Sites May Not Be a Bargain for Physician Advertising

Just when you thought (perhaps hoping) the various “daily deal” sites had reached their peak, it turns out they are continuing to grow in popularity with consumers. The trouble is, results for hospital or medical practice advertising can be spotty. Hidden behind the glitz and glamour of worldwide growth, industry observers and studies caution that […]

Futuristic Stuff That Will Change Healthcare Marketing Someday (Soon)

The future is impossible to predict with precision, but it’s helpful to keep your eyes on the road ahead. Here are a few key things we see just over the horizon that have implications for healthcare marketing…soon, or someday soon. Facebook will challenge Google in search, and Google will challenge Facebook in social. Both are […]

Doctor Marketing Tip: Your Disappearing Patients and How to Reach Them

The recent report from accounting firm PwC—Top Health Industry Issues of 2012—is near the top of our recommended reading list for marketing savvy physicians and healthcare marketing professionals. Thought leaders—providers, group practices and hospitals—will want to take note of two interconnected findings that jump out of the data. First, there’s the problem of the “disappearing […]

Physician Advertising Mistake #11: Not Knowing How to Evaluate Creative Materials

One of the great rewards of working with doctors and healthcare executives for over two decades is that we have a treasure chest of experience that we share with clients. We’ve seen first hand those things that are most effective in marketing a practice, hospital and organization. We love success stories in medical marketing and […]

It’s the Top of the 12th: Time to Check Your Hospital’s Box Score

Everyone in healthcare and hospital marketing likes business performance metrics. (Well, nearly everyone.) The benchmark or progress numbers that quantify exactly how we’re doing. It’s how marketing people (and the boss) keep score. Metrics tell us if a project is meeting its goals, or if an advertising campaign is producing results, and sometimes how we […]

Protect Your Brand: Trademark Essentials for Healthcare and Hospital Marketing

Guest Post by Healthcare Attorney Stephen H. Kaufman Whether you are starting a new medical practice, operating a long-established business, or actively engaged in hospital advertising, you probably have a trademark—a name, a phrase or a design that brands your business in the marketplace. You can establish rights in your marks just by using them […]

Our Last “iPad-and-Hospital-Marketing” Article Ever (Maybe)

It’s been all of a couple months since we previously wrote about the many Ways iPads Are Changing Hospital Marketing and PR. Apple doesn’t send us their official sales numbers, but reliable estimates have it that millions of iPad 2 tablets have been shipped during these last 90 days. As we write this, by calendar year end, […]

How to Destroy Your Medical Practice Marketing New Business in One Easy Step

We have the marketing equivalent of gastric indigestion. It’s that churning upset in our gut when exceptionally effective medical practice advertising inspires qualified prospective patients to phone the provider’s office—only to be rejected at the front desk. Here’s the disturbing little back-story that upset us recently. Keep in mind this is true and, unfortunately, it’s […]

Heard about “Patch?” Something New and Local for Healthcare Advertising and Public Relations

Here’s something to add to your list of local news media. It’s called, it’s new and it probably belongs on your hospital or medical practice advertising and public relations media list. Patch—which creates a dedicated local news presence in upscale communities—calls itself “your source for local knowledge you can’t live without.” Patch isn’t everywhere […]


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