Are You Ready For a Complete Website Overhaul? (We Were)

We often advise our clients that a professional website requires regular “care and feeding.” To remain visible, viable and effective as a marketing tool, it’s vitally important to regularly add fresh and interesting content and remove dated material. The upkeep and maintenance allows you to stay “friendly” with search engine algorithms and avoid visitor habituation. […]

Brochure-ware: When Physician Websites Fail Miserably

Healthcare marketing professionals cringed at the news in our earlier post, Little Blue Book Blues: Doctors Think Their Website is a Failure. It’s a gut-wrenching awareness that only 8 percent of physicians feel their website is the source of new patients. Hopefully, your website has a significantly better track record. But another survey tells us […]

4 Website Design Mistakes That Sabotage Healthcare Marketing

Often, It’s important to know what not to do in healthcare marketing…and especially when it comes to website design. Creating and maintaining an excellent online presence can be a challenging task. But it’s well worth the investment when your web presence creates brand (and reputation) awareness, generates inquiries and produces a stream of new patients. […]

STUDY: Healthcare Websites Need Update as Hubs for Patient Engagement

In what is described as “the first systematic assessment of hospital websites,” a new study suggests that most physician, hospital and health system websites could improve their websites. The analysis, published in the Journal of Healthcare Management, evaluated over 630 websites from four dimensions, ACCESSIBILITY, CONTENT, MARKETING and TECHNOLOGY. And, according to this in-depth study, […]

The Two Must-Have Website Attributes for Healthcare Marketing

We see a ton of healthcare, medical marketing and hospital websites in our work. We review them, we critique them and we provide advice how to improve them. And sometimes it’s downright frightening what we find. Perhaps the scariest moment is when we discover a provider or healthcare organization that has no website at all. […]

7 Mistakes Doctors and Healthcare Organizations Make When Getting Their Website Done

How to avoid the most serious pitfalls in planning and producing a revenue-generating website.  These days, nearly all successful healthcare practitioners have a successful Internet marketing strategy keyed to their website. The Internet has become the tool of choice for many prospective patients in healthcare decisions and selecting a provider.

Your Patients are Looking for You on the Web. Are You There Yet?

By Michelle Boyles, Managing Editor (This article was adapted from Optometric Management, though the Internet marketing principles apply to all healthcare practitioners.) A recent Harris Interactive poll shows that 80% of consumers today research health information online. But with the wealth of information out there, how do you drive patients to your Web site? And […]

Seven Mistakes Dental Practices Make When Creating a Website

The Internet has become the tool of choice for prospective patients in making dental and other health–care decisions. But there are a ton of practices that don’t have a first–class online marketing tool, and that’s a missed opportunity and lost revenue. If it’s time to take a critical look at your tired, gen–one version, here’s […]


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