Legally Dumb: Should a Doctor or Dentist Sue a Patient for Bad-Mouth Comments?

If a professional reputation is to be protected at all costs, should a healthcare provider file a lawsuit against a patient for a negative online review? From time to time we see news items about doctors or dentists who threaten legal action against patients. But suing a patient for a negative comment (or comments) is […]

Damned if They Do, Damned if They Don’t: A Hospital Public Relations Brouhaha

There’s something unsettling about the healthcare article in The Seattle Times last week; it seems a bit out of balance. We’re guessing that the hospital public relations professionals in the Puget Sound area are scratching their heads over this one also. Is this a legitimate news story or a media-invented tempest in a teapot? The […]

Our Last “iPad-and-Hospital-Marketing” Article Ever (Maybe)

It’s been all of a couple months since we previously wrote about the many Ways iPads Are Changing Hospital Marketing and PR. Apple doesn’t send us their official sales numbers, but reliable estimates have it that millions of iPad 2 tablets have been shipped during these last 90 days. As we write this, by calendar year end, […]

Holiday Giving and the Gift of Success: Sharing a Healthcare Marketing Resource

With the holiday season upon us, here’s an incredibly useful gift idea for doctors, hospitals and healthcare professionals. What’s more, the cost couldn’t be better. Offer a subscription to the Healthcare Success Marketing Advisor to your friends, colleagues, physicians, administrators and staff. You’ll be giving them the gift of success that is packed with valuable, practical, […]

Healthcare Marketing Video Demystifies Provider’s Story in 120 Seconds

Here’s another way to use video in your online healthcare marketing and advertising. Regular readers appreciate that we often write about using video on your website and in other medical marketing applications. Video is a useful, versatile and cost effective method to carry your marketing message or make your advertising point.

Hospital Public Relations: When Really Nasty News Hits the Fan

Now and then, something really unpleasant happens at a hospital, medical center or even at a medical practice, and “bad news” abounds. Unflattering headlines and stories flow, and negative hospital public impressions and perceptions have administrators reaching for the extra large bottles of Pepto-Bismol. What if something like this hit the fan in your facility? […]

Tweet Success With Precision Hospital Marketing Messages

What does a Twitter-based contest at the University of Iowa have in common with hospital marketing? For Tweet success, be sharp. The college essay readers at this institution were so overwhelmed with seeing students’ heavily edited essays from their parents or plagiarized essay themes that they did something a bit drastic. They created a full […]

Caring Docs: Saluting the Good Works of Physician Community Relations Programs

We need to devote a few lines in recognition of the volunteer efforts of healthcare providers, medical industry corporations and hospitals everywhere that do good things for their community. In the world of doctor and physician marketing and advertising, our post today is about the new mobile medical clinic of the Puget Sound Christian Clinic […]

12 Ways iPads Are Changing Hospital Marketing and PR

At its unveiling in April 2010, Apple predicted that the use of the iPad by medical professionals would change the face of healthcare, ultimately providing multiple ways to promote hospital marketing and public relations. The latest count by Apple shows over 25 million tablets have been sold (first 14 months); more than 15 million iPad 2’s […]


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