Physician Reputation: To Brag or Not to Brag

Among Benjamin Franklin’s considerable list of achievements in life is—along with physician and surgeon Thomas Bond—establishing the first hospital in what later became the United States. Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia continues today as the oldest hospital in America. In the tradition of Franklin and Bond, many doctors have much to brag about…if they wanted to […]

Exploding Myths About Medical Practice Publicity

“All you have to do,” someone once told every young doctor, “is be a good provider and everything will take care of itself.” Let’s put that notion at the top of this list of promotional myths. The mistaken belief—that simply being a good doctor will bring new patients through your door—will probably make you and your […]

Looming PR Challenge: When Physicians’ Pay Links to Quality of Care

The redesign of the nation’s healthcare delivery system is setting up for another wave of change. And this one’s certain to fuel public relations challenges for healthcare PR professionals with both internal and external audiences. The prospect of connecting doctors’ income directly to quality of care is already sparking lively discussions. What the New York […]

Why Should Doctors Should Seek Publicity? [Part 1]

Editor’s Note: In this first of a two-part post, Dr. Neil Baum presents doctor-to-doctor ideas that are founded in 30 years of real-world experience as a practicing urologist in New Orleans. He is a sought-after speaker, and the author of Social Media For the Healthcare Professional, Greenbranch Publishing, 2011. Physicians have been shy about reaching […]

Healthcare PR: Making the Best of (Emergency) Point-and-Shoot Video

The recent “superstorm” that hit the East Coast reminded us that seasoned healthcare and hospital public relations professionals are a bit like professional journalists. With little or no warning, they may need to document unannounced or spontaneous events including capturing on-the-spot photos or videos. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen often, (or as serious as a […]

Doctor Marketing Skills: 12 Tips for Effective Presentations

A Bruce Willis tough-guy character might say this—it’s one of those edgy little quips that circulates via the Internet: “I’m only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.” This cheeky advice plays OK as a just-for-fun Twitter message. But it’s obviously a joke. In the real world of healthcare communications and doctor […]

The Sorry Solution: A Medical Practice PR Fire Extinguisher

There’s a temptation to forget that effective medical practice public relations begins and ends with the individual patient, client, consumer and/or customer. Although professional communicators use “mass media,” the essential mission of PR is far more singular…and it travels under the label of “customer service” or the “patient experience.” And lately we’ve observed how a […]

Viral Video: Music, Memory and a PR Lesson from the Assisted Living Industry

As we write this, several million people (and counting) have already seen the compelling and compassionate video on YouTube. The larger story here is that this is also a case example and healthcare marketing and public relations lesson for a range of healthcare providers. Watch the video and let us know what you think.

The 4 C’s of Publishing an Events Calendar: Useful Tips and Annoying Pitfalls

Our readers, clients and professional colleagues know that one or more of our Healthcare Success “Marketing All Stars” is always traveling. In addition to our consulting work and our continuing Advanced Healthcare Marketing Strategies Seminar series, we’re frequently invited to speak at professional meetings and events across the nation. No doubt your schedule is just […]

Share Your Open House Success Formula: Unique Healthcare Marketing Ideas Wanted

Do you have an idea for a successful open house? Please tell us about it. All too often we bump into a medical practice or hospital doing an “open house” or something similar. So far, so good…a community and patient involvement special event can be a useful doctor marketing tool. The problem is that simply […]


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