Futurist Views: Healthcare Reform at the Tipping Point [Podcast]

[SHSMD13 Podcast Series] In a few months, 2014 will be the tipping point–when the most significant components of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) take effect…with strategic implications for hospitals and healthcare providers. In another in our continuing series of healthcare industry podcasts, Marc Sauve, Senior Healthcare Strategist with Gresham, Smith and Partners, talked with Healthcare Success […]

Marketing Moves You Can Expect from Large Medical Groups in your Area

Surprising insights gleaned from our discussions with many of the nation’s leading medical group administrators – and what you should do next as a result We gained a number of surprising insights from talking with hundreds of medical group practice administrators and CEOs at the MGMA* annual conference in Las Vegas this year. Based upon […]

Win Win: Aligning the New Mexico COOP Health Plan with Primary Care

Our podcast today is another in our series for the Physician Strategies Summit. In today’s interview, Healthcare Success Founding Partner Lonnie Hirsch talks with Martin Hickey, MD, CEO, New Mexico Health Connections, Albuquerque, NM. As the Accountable Care Act (ACA) continues to unfold, it introduces new nonprofit health plans aimed at uninsured individuals and small […]

Looming PR Challenge: When Physicians’ Pay Links to Quality of Care

The redesign of the nation’s healthcare delivery system is setting up for another wave of change. And this one’s certain to fuel public relations challenges for healthcare PR professionals with both internal and external audiences. The prospect of connecting doctors’ income directly to quality of care is already sparking lively discussions. What the New York […]

Thinking Forward: What Happens When the Hospital Is Also the Insurer?

This is a curious business concept: One of New York’s largest hospital networks wants to keep their hospital beds empty. That notion, says Kaiser Health News, would be the case for some hospitals that want to provide health insurance. Disruptive business ideas are innovations intended to improve a product or service in ways the market […]

Healthcare Innovation: How The Big Guys Make Big Ideas Happen (and Why)

There aren’t many healthcare providers who are unaffected or unaware of challenges all around them. The parade includes reform requirements, the “soft economy” with rising costs and shrinking margins, shifting medical marketing goals and demographics…and the overarching stretch of resources to maintain and improve quality of patient care. “Innovation is the ability to see change […]

Healthcare News Poll: The Public Remains Unaware, Disappointed and Surprised

Here’s a bit of a shocker. Among ordinary citizens, healthcare news doesn’t have the awareness factor that you might think. Better than half of the general public is unaware of, or misinformed about, the recent decision by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) regarding the Affordable Care Act. After weeks of intense, major-media […]

Physician Marketing Lessons from Moneyball

Curiously, there’s a physician marketing idea tucked into the baseball film Moneyball. It’s about dealing with change. Just about everyone in the nation’s healthcare delivery system is struggling—to a greater of lesser degree—with the dynamics of change. Doctors who have been building a private practice for decades, for example, have been challenged with options such as […]

Is This What a Unicorn Economic Recovery Looks Like?

We think the current economic picture just might be a “unicorn recovery.” Like the mythical beast, everybody talks about it, but nobody has seen it. Hopeful signals filter through the media, but—in our slice of reality—we have yet to hear a client or prospective client say that they see evidence of a real economic turn […]

Most Doctors Are Gloomy About Their Financial Future and Patient Care

We speak with physicians and surgeons every day, and by way of our ongoing sampling of attitudes and opinions they are not optimistic or enthusiastic about healthcare reform. Unfortunately, these first hand, from-the-field reports range from “pessimistic” to “survival threat.” First, there’s the unhappy news. Just last week the results of a national research study […]


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