Success Principles for Growing Your Healthcare Business

[Article Series: An excerpt from a forthcoming book by Mark Tager, MD, and Stewart Gandolf, MBA, for private practice physicians and healthcare administrators about reaching, recruiting and retaining private pay and elective care patients. Refer to our previous article on this topic titled: How to Grow Your Private Pay and Elective Care Business.] Launching an […]

Finding Creative Combinations for Elective Care that Add Up to Affordability

The Patient’s Champion helps work all the options that bring services within financial reach Nearly all of our highly successful professional practice clients have at least 1 person on staff whose singular mission is to find ways to make elective procedures affordable. The staff member (often more than 1 person) takes the role of counselor […]

Success Assurance: Three Times to Consider Financing Your Healthcare Marketing Effort

Major changes and pivotal events in the growth of a medical practice require a solid marketing program—and a stream of new business—to assure success. Here’s when to consider financing for marketing and how we can help. [Series installment.] In the kindest of terms, the current state of healthcare in the United States is “dynamic.” Maybe […]


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