A Doctor’s World is Changing: Is Your Marketing Message Keeping Up with You?

A doctor’s world was, at one time, relatively stable. Certainly not easy, but generally steady and secure. As recently as a generation ago, being a physician was less complicated than facing the rapid-fire changes that are still occurring in our nation’s healthcare delivery system. “For decades, medicine has been dominated by fiercely independent doctors who […]

Patients Want Online Appointment Scheduling, but Few Medical Providers Claim this Marketing Differentiation

Providing patients with online appointment scheduling appears to be growing in some healthcare sectors, but it’s not an option for most patients. People want it. They use online scheduling in other areas of their daily living. There are business advantages for the provider. BUT—online appointments are a convenience that not many providers offer to patients. […]

Remarkable Article: Physician’s 2002 Marketing Advice to Fellow Doctors Still Excellent

Just recently we were reading an online article, authored by a doctor, titled: “You Should See My Doctor”: Cost-Effective Marketing Ideas for Your Practice. There were several remarkable things about the content. First, this was advice about healthcare marketing from a doctor to other doctors. Medical schools provide scant training in business, marketing or advertising, […]


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