Show Us Your Sign: Best Office Signage Wins a Seat at our Marketing Seminar

In our travels, we see a lot of “not-so-good” office signage, and we decided it was time to spotlight (and reward) the really good, hard-working external signs. Send a picture or two of your medical office or healthcare practice sign. We’ll evaluate the top contenders, and the best sign will win a free seat at […]

Make No Mistake: Using Your First and Best Healthcare Marketing Tool

Perhaps you can relate to the experience of a colleague of ours. His observation is a healthcare marketing and advertising lesson of opportunity lost. I frequently travel a main commercial street in our community…just one a thousands of local residents in vehicles on our way to or from the nearby post office, the drug store […]

Signs of the Future for Healthcare Marketing and Advertising? This Billboard is Looking at You, Mrs. Jones

The iconic, Spielberg science fiction film Minority Report set us up for this one nearly a decade ago.  But right now, a new billboard technology is being tested in Japan that recognizes who’s looking at it and delivers a personalized message that’s suitable to the reader. OK, it’s not the film’s iris recognition of year […]

7 Strategies for Maximum-Effective Office Signs

How to make your on-premise practice sign recruit new patients One of the best long-term marketing tools for any consumer-direct practice is, unfortunately, often neglected or under-utilized. It’s easy to overlook the powerful effectiveness of an on-premise sign. And far and away, it can be the best Return-On-Investment (ROI) for your location. The main reason? […]


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