Billboard Basics: The Challenges of Outdoor Advertising in Healthcare

One of the oldest forms of advertising is everywhere, but it’s tough to do it right. The first American “billboard” appeared about 175 years ago to announce the circus was coming to town. These days the billboard is only one of many forms of Outdoor Advertising-and that’s a totally different animal. Approach with caution, however, […]

Doctors: How to Choose between Internal Marketing or External Advertising?

What’s on First? What’s most important and where to begin? Here’s a terrific marketing question that popped up again recently: “What’s on First? Which is more important, INTERNAL Marketing or EXTERNAL Marketing…and which comes first?” It’s a great question that we hear from time to time, especially as practitioners become more comfortable about marketing and want […]

6 Proven Ways to Market Any Healthcare Organization

The New Normal for Medical Marketing, Healthcare Marketing, and Hospital Marketing in Challenging Socioeconomic Times Healthcare Marketing and advertising can appear to be complex, confusing and daunting. But the first steps on the road to success are grounded in only six fundamental building blocks. We think of it as an “ah-ha moment.” It’s that highly […]


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