Marketing Ethics in Healthcare: What Every Organization Should Know

Marketing ethics have been a topic of debate in healthcare for years. Can healthcare organizations, hospitals, and practices really feel good about spending advertising dollars to attract patients? Shouldn’t patients naturally drift towards quality organizations? In today’s changing world of healthcare, some form of marketing is almost a requirement. Gone are the days when patients […]

Physician Marketing Made Ethical AND Effective

A Brief History… Physician marketing is unique because most of practice owners have historically refused to market their services. In fact, prior to the landmark 1977 U.S. Supreme Court case of Bates v. State Bar of Arizona, professionals in private practice (including but not limited to healthcare professionals) were legally prohibited from advertising or […]

16 Reasons: The Short List of Why Healthcare Providers Market

The medical marketing environment is constantly changing but the core reasons are the same for most. Priorities and situations will vary widely as healthcare reform reshapes the competitive environment, but providers—including hospitals, medical groups, and others—market for only a few reasons. Nearly everyone can relate to one or more of this short list. You’d think […]


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