The Curious Origin of Unwanted Email: Keeping Medical Marketing in the Safe Zone

Broadcast emails and e-newsletters can be useful tools in medical practice marketing as long as you stay on the safe side of anti-spam regulations. And that’s easier than it looks. You may be surprised to learn that “spam” has a curious and slightly amusing history. As one source has it, S.P.A.M. is an abbreviation for […]

Your eNewsletter Stinks: Tips to Improve Your Medical Practice Marketing

Talk about a compelling subject line. It’s hard to resist opening and reading an email, e-newsletter or news article with a provocative hook to turn your head. It worked with us recently, and having an attention-getting headline is the first tip for improving your healthcare marketing communications. Here are a few more ideas for better […]

E-Newsletter Basics: Good Marketing and Email Etiquette

How to begin your “permission-based” E-newsletter on safe turf. Some hospitals and healthcare providers periodically mail out a practice newsletter to friends, prospects and patients. These newsletters usually include updates about the organization, new services or procedures, event promotions, and helpful health tips. Many other practices that used to mail these newsletters have discontinued their […]


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