What’s Driving Telehealth to More Hospitals and Doctors in 2016

The diverse faces of telehealth—from virtual doctor consultations to remotely monitored patients—are continuing on a solid growth path. One assessment, by IHS Technology, says that doctors’ virtual consults with patients will double in less than five years, reports Forbes. Marketing strategies for hospitals, doctors and health systems will continue to adjust to keep up with […]

Study: What Patients Expect From Your Doctor Review Site

Clear trends in physician reviews and consumer purchase decision patterns have emerged for healthcare marketing professionals. A physician’s online presence may soon become a necessity to attract and retain patients, according to practice management research group Software Advice’s 2014 survey of over 4,600 US healthcare consumers. But, compared to the previous year’s survey, the trend […]

41 Splashes of Hospital Dazzle: Amenities Win Well-Insured Patients

For nearly 10 years or so, hospitals have been struggling with how to effectively and profitably reinvent themselves. The direction is to become increasingly consumer-direct. Among the transformational market forces are the informed and empowered public, increasing competitive pressures, and the desire for hospitals to serve women and other demographic groups. Sprinkle into this recipe the overarching goals […]

Doctor Entrepreneur: What Patient-Customers Want Is Good Business

Doctors and patients have adopted new roles for themselves in the healthcare delivery system in the wake of healthcare reform. The “new normal” for patients includes a stronger and more proactive participation in personal health matters. More than ever, the role of the patient is that of an informed consumer. And as patient-centered care has become the […]

New Era of Healthcare: Transparency, Candor and Pointed Questions

[2014 Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience Speaker Podcast Series] Stewart Gandolf of Healthcare Success talks with Leah Binder, President and CEO of The LeapFrog Group. “It’s a new voice that is starting to emerge for the healthcare consumer,” according to Leah Binder, President and CEO of The LeapFrog Group. In Stewart Gandolf’s conversation today, Leah talks […]

Physician Wake-up Call: The Patient Needs to be Heard

What happens when a 15-year-old patient speaks up about her doctors? Morgan Gleason declared, “I am the patient, and I need to be heard,” and she voiced her complaints publicly. Even for a hospitalized teen, it wasn’t difficult to make a digital splash about how doctors should care for patients…and not just treat them. First, […]

Your Hospital Digital Doorway is Bigger Than You Think

We might be singing to the choir here, but you’ll definitely like the chorus anyway. Most hospitals and physician providers recognize the importance of Internet marketing. (Better than eight out of 10 patients use both online and offline sources for health research before making an appointment.) But what you may not appreciate is that a […]

Empowered Patients: Mad as Hell and Not Taking It Anymore

Patients are no longer just patients. The Internet, healthcare system reforms and other social influences are shaping a new consumerism in healthcare. Healthcare marketing professionals understand that patients are better informed and increasingly empowered. Today an individual has more influential muscle than ever before. In our experience, the vast majority of private practices and medical […]


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