Two Words That Should Dominate Your Internet Marketing Plan

A while back, before traces of autumn appeared in the forecast, most marketing pros at hospitals and group medical practices were tying a bow around their marketing strategy for the still-distant New Year. Healthcare providers have Internet Marketing near the top of the list. The Internet has become your new front door, and it commands […]

20 Rules to Kick-Start Successful Email Marketing

Email marketing—a popular form of marketing directly to the customer/subscriber—has the appeal (and appearance) of being free. Well, it’s not free…but the cost is low, and when done correctly, the Return-on-Investment (ROI) can be remarkable. In addition to a good email software or service bureau, your investment includes the time required to maintain the process, […]

31 Words You Can’t Use in Email and Other Safety Tips

Unsolicited electronic messages (the spam variety) are about as welcome as an earth-bound asteroid. Nobody likes receiving them, and professionally, you definitely don’t want to inadvertently send legitimate email to be caught-up in one of the many “spam filters.” Being familiar with filters and other rules of road can keep your valid email marketing messages […]

4 Ways to Expand Your Email List Almost Effortlessly

Permission-based email is one of the most engaging, useful and effective tools available in your marketing toolbox. For starters, the cost is low and, being opt-in, recipients are prequalified and lists can often be segmented for precision targeting. The folks who keep track of such things say there are 3.6 billion email accounts as of […]

Website vs. Social Media vs. Email: Where’s Your Real Marketing Muscle?

Two interesting items in the online news caught our attention recently. Both were serious reports from the business world about the comparative effectiveness of search engines, social media and email. Both were completely credible, widely circulated, and good fodder for strategic thinking and planning. The contrasting information asks and answers vital questions. With an equal […]

The Mobile Tipping Point: Optimize Your Healthcare Site or Vanish

Sometime this year, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide, according to a Gartner forecast. And with the mobile tipping point on the near horizon (or maybe here), it’s only smart marketing for hospitals and provider practices to have a mobile plan in place right now. Websites that are […]

Medical Marketing Email: Eight Essentials for Greater Success

On the surface, a medical marketing email campaign is appealing, in part, because it is immediate and low cost. The proliferation of high-speed Internet connections, computers, laptops, smartphones and other mobile devices rapidly connect healthcare providers and hospitals with constituent audiences. Although a single email is fairly simple, creating a successful email marketing effort with […]

The Curious Origin of Unwanted Email: Keeping Medical Marketing in the Safe Zone

Broadcast emails and e-newsletters can be useful tools in medical practice marketing as long as you stay on the safe side of anti-spam regulations. And that’s easier than it looks. You may be surprised to learn that “spam” has a curious and slightly amusing history. As one source has it, S.P.A.M. is an abbreviation for […]

7 Easy Steps to Capture Email Addresses and Why You Should

The most neglected healthcare provider marketing opportunity, and how to break the habit Email is the communications means of choice for many individuals, but it’s a surprisingly neglected strategy that never gets off the ground for the simple lack of opt-in email addresses. Here are seven easy ways to build a permission-based contact list and […]


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