White Coat Syndrome: Why Marketing Professionals Have It and How to Cure It

  [Healthcare Success Podcast] Hospital marketing professionals are not immune to a form of “white coat syndrome.” It’s the somewhat common phenomenon where patients exhibit elevated blood pressure in a clinical visit—but not in other settings—due to anxiety of being face-to-face with the doctor. Similarly in healthcare marketing, communications professionals can be nervous talking with […]

The First 7 Marketing Audit Questions to Get You to the Next Level

Healthcare in general—and medical practice marketing in particular—has as an over-abundance of challenges these days. How do you move forward in spite of the competitive headwinds? How do you maximize your advertising Return-on-Investment? How do you shift from “get along” to “get ahead?” Where’s the path to increasing personal and professional satisfaction? How can we […]

Reputation Equals Revenue: What’s Your Review Site Strategy?

The painful thing about lost business opportunity is that you often don’t know that it’s lost. It’s revenue that never happened. Here’s a sorry-scenario that we discover all too frequently: A word-of-mouth (WoM) referral passes from a patient to a prospective patient The prospective patient looks for your practice online only to find “unhappy” reviews […]

Tipping Point: Are Private Practice Doctors Becoming Extinct?

The ongoing migration by doctors from private practice (self-employment) to working for a hospital or health system appears to have passed a tipping point, and many physicians are unhappy and considering a change. Fueled by financial pressures, regulatory changes, and the uncertainty of continuing change the trend is increasing. The recruitment of doctors into solo […]

How to Avoid Doctor Advertising Mistake #15: Failing to Test

Doctors tend to be risk-aware or risk-sensitive individuals. It’s part of the sobering responsibility they assume with the care and treatment of their patients. Years of education, professional training and clinical experience develop a mindset of assessing and managing risk vs. reward. Patients and colleagues expect no less in practicing medicine. Of course executing a […]

4 Biggest Reasons to Rethink Everything About Healthcare Marketing

[The first of two articles.] Where were you and what were you doing five years ago? Four years ago? As recently as 36 months ago, many doctors and hospitals were working from a “traditional” marketing playbook. And for the time, by intent or oversight, it seemed that it was “good enough” for marketing, advertising and […]

6 Super Graphics: Ideas to Super-Size Patient Experience and Advertising

The traditional textbook for hospital design and décor is a quick read. Historically, the hallmark of doctors’ offices and medical facilities—from reception areas to exam rooms—has been stark, sterile functionality…usually with a non-descript monochrome paint job. Fast forward to today. Who says clean facilities require a sterile look? Significant advances in printing technology have met […]

Fatal Last Words That Wreck Doctor Marketing

Two of the most important benefits that we bring to our clients—both hospitals and provider practices—are objectivity and experience. We were reminded of this again recently while working with a large specialty practice in the northeast. We’ve paraphrased the following quote, but it falls into our collection of “fatal last words,” which we know from […]

Brochure-ware: When Physician Websites Fail Miserably

Healthcare marketing professionals cringed at the news in our earlier post, Little Blue Book Blues: Doctors Think Their Website is a Failure. It’s a gut-wrenching awareness that only 8 percent of physicians feel their website is the source of new patients. Hopefully, your website has a significantly better track record. But another survey tells us […]

Little Blue Book Blues: Doctors Think Their Website is a Failure

Although US doctors recognize that many (perhaps most) new patients are searching online for healthcare information and providers, it seems that few doctors believe their website motivates patients to call their office. The majority of medical practices in America have a website, but data from The Little Blue Book’s National Physicians Survey 2012: The Health […]


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