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The quick backstory here started on LinkedIn and turned out to be an amazing little coincidence. Although I was busy preparing for (yet another) business trip, I happened to notice the name of a business acquaintance that popped up via LinkedIn. Our West Coast offices are close to each other, but we both travel a […]

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[Article Series: An excerpt from a forthcoming book by Mark Tager, MD, and Stewart Gandolf, MBA, for private practice physicians and healthcare administrators about reaching, recruiting and retaining private pay and elective care patients.] Each of the primary social media tools has a distinct personality. If Facebook is the family SUV, and Twitter is a […]

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We often make the point that LinkedIn has a business and professional flare that is a “natural” for showcasing the expertise of doctors and hospital executives. LinkedIn’s newly expanded publishing feature presents even greater opportunity for content creation and reputation management. LinkedIn began as an online executive resume/job board just over a decade ago. An […]

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Chances are someone has already invited you to join them on "" Your list of suitors may include friends, colleagues, salespeople and maybe even some people you barely know.

What should you do? After all, I am sure you already have plenty to do - do you really need to add something else to your already overcrowded plate?

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