Five Critical Questions in Creating Direct Response Advertising

In my advertising industry career, I’ve tended to resonate to the strength of direct response advertising. It’s not appropriate for every situation, of course. But where and when there’s a good fit, it’s one of the most powerful and effective tools. The reason: Direct response is advertising that gets results. And when it’s done properly […]

7 Insightful Tips for Better Healthcare Marketing Direct Response Results

Quick-check questions that reveal make-it or break-it problems before launch The difference between big-time winning vs. downright disaster in healthcare direct response depends on a million variables. A single, simple oversight can cost you the ballgame. Ask yourself these seven questions to find and fix fundamental problems before you rollout any direct response program.

The Number One Reason That Hospital Advertising Fails

Right up front we need to say that there aren’t any absolute “guarantees” about results in hospital advertising, or healthcare marketing for that matter. At best, you can use proven strategies and tactics, draw on professional experience and take other practical safeguards to minimize risk. But guarantees? Steer clear of anyone who offers you that […]

7 Easy Steps to Capture Email Addresses and Why You Should

The most neglected healthcare provider marketing opportunity, and how to break the habit Email is the communications means of choice for many individuals, but it’s a surprisingly neglected strategy that never gets off the ground for the simple lack of opt-in email addresses. Here are seven easy ways to build a permission-based contact list and […]

Creating an Annuity Instead of an Embarrassing Disaster with Coupons and Flyers

How to avoid classic direct marketing mistakes and what to do instead Promotional flyers and coupons are growing in usage, and have been increasingly popular with the public for more than a century. On the plus-side, done right, they often work well in the healthcare marketing mix, but it’s easy to make mistakes. Here are […]


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