Direct Mail Is NOT Dead: 5 Reasons It Still Works for Healthcare

Direct mail is not dead. At a time when email inboxes are overflowing, how else can you reach prospective patients in your area without overwhelming them? In fact, a piece of healthcare-related mail can be a nice break from the screen, a physical reminder that a local specialist, practice, or hospital is here to offer […]

Postcards: The Essentials are Bold, Brief and Compelling

Here’s how to produce amazing results from tiny territory and precision creative. By Lonnie Hirsch Postcards–the unpretentious little urchins of the direct mail game–can be a heavy hitter in your marketing mix. But for as unassuming as a postcard may appear, there are a lot of significant rules to this game that can make the […]

Your eNewsletter Stinks: Tips to Improve Your Medical Practice Marketing

Talk about a compelling subject line. It’s hard to resist opening and reading an email, e-newsletter or news article with a provocative hook to turn your head. It worked with us recently, and having an attention-getting headline is the first tip for improving your healthcare marketing communications. Here are a few more ideas for better […]

Creating an Annuity Instead of an Embarrassing Disaster with Coupons and Flyers

How to avoid classic direct marketing mistakes and what to do instead Promotional flyers and coupons are growing in usage, and have been increasingly popular with the public for more than a century. On the plus-side, done right, they often work well in the healthcare marketing mix, but it’s easy to make mistakes. Here are […]


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