Bet You Can’t Top This: Orthodontist Shows How Office Décor is Fun Marketing

This post is mainly for fun. But there’s a practice marketing lesson in this exceptional example of wildly interesting and unique office décor–from an orthodontic practice. You’re going to have to drive to Conway, Arkansas to experience the office decor of orthodontist—and admitted car enthusiast—David J. Myers, DDS, MS. If you’ve never seen a medical […]

The Importance of “The Follow-Up” In Medical Practice Marketing

A few years ago, my dentist retired and I scheduled my first visit with a dentist who had become a client. After my first appointment, he personally made a follow-up phone call to see if everything met my expectations in the first visit. (It was a step in his new medical practice marketing plan.) Though […]

Where to Find 8 Million, Financially Qualified, Elective Care Consumers Right Now

You might be as surprised as we were to learn that there are about eight million people who have elective care financing instantly available–and don’t know it. Astoundingly, they simply may not know that they can afford the dentistry, vision correction, hearing care or cosmetic treatments that they want. Here’s the hidden business and marketing […]

Give ’em Somethin’ to Try You Out. A Healthcare Marketing Idea from the Supermarket Samples Lady.

A highly successful medical device representative that we know jokingly refers to one of his first jobs in college as being a supermarket “samples lady.” And for physicians, hospitals and healthcare marketing professionals there’s a gem of an idea among the free samples and trials. Once or twice a week our friend would pack up […]

What You Can Learn About Medical Marketing from Bank Robber Willie Sutton

Doctors learn Sutton’s Law in medical school, although they may not recall that it was named after bank robber Willie Sutton. Willie’s namesake axiom can teach us something about healthcare marketing and advertising. If you’re not up on your historical “most wanted” trivia, here’s a bit of background. Willie “The Actor” Sutton (1901-1980) was an […]

The Benefits of Live Chat on Your Medical Website. (But Does Healthcare Marketing Need It?)

Live Chat—also called Live Help or Live Support—is getting some traction with healthcare marketing websites. More commonly found on retail sites, Live Support is that extra service feature which allows a business to open a real time text-chat conversation with online visitors for customer service and/or sales support. Some of the early adopters we’ve spotted […]

Doctors, Please Watch Your Language. When Medical Jargon Kills the Marketing Message.

I don’t know anyone who isn’t occasionally guilty of using “medical-ese.” It’s the verbal shorthand, technical talk, healthcare jargon, slang or hospital lingo that spells trouble. Doctors, nurses, hospital marketing executives, and practice administrators are all experts, but our audience is not. And we kill our well-intended message quicker than you can say “hyperlipidemia.” The […]

Game On: Hospitals and Healthcare Marketers Are Now Playing Along

Hospitals and medical and dental providers are discovering ways to connect their sometimes-sterile persona to the wildly popular, and decidedly friendly, world of online games. “Games,” JAMA declares, “are now a dominant form of media, even larger than the motion picture industry, and are enjoyed across gender, age, and cultural boundaries.” Games are online, in […]

Heads-Up Healthcare: Google’s New “Plus One” Button is Something Like “Like,” But Bigger. Much Bigger.

Here’s an early heads-up about Google’s brand new “social recommendation” product. If you haven’t heard about this, you might want to start tracking. In time, it’s certain to have an impact on healthcare marketing, Internet advertising and search engine optimization (SEO). Google, the giant gorilla of all search engines, calls it “the +1 button,” (pronounced […]

Psst…Don’t Tell Your Competition: Mystery Marketing Hero Revealed.

First, do the hardball math. When the phone rings in your office, you are probably losing more new business than you’re winning. Close to 70 percent of new patient calls produce no revenue because the caller never comes into the office. That means your practice is seeing only three out of ten of these callers.


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“Despite practicing in a hyper-competitive market, our new-patient counts are double what they were for the same time period last year. Hiring Healthcare Success was one of the best business decisions I have ever made.”

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