Hospital Consumer Awareness: Room for Improvement

by Janet Bowden, Healthcare Success Senior Account Executive How well do consumers “know” their local hospitals? According to a national survey, you could label the awareness score as “generally good.” But over the last 10 years—in spite of the influence of the Internet and aggressive marketing efforts—the data continues to hover on a plateau.

Consumer Intelligence: Hard Questions for Concierge Practice Marketing

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) put forward the challenge questions for consumers, “Is Paying for ‘Concierge’ Health Care Worth It? What to Ask Before Signing Up for a High-End Plan.” With the nation’s healthcare delivery system changing, the thoughtful article [here] was intended to inform prospective patients about the growing number […]

Why Healthcare Marketing Needs to Wakeup to Caregivers and Influencers

Healthcare marketing is in need of an overhaul, according to Advertising Age (AdAge), the respected advertising and marketing industry publication. They arrived at this conclusion after talking with 25,000 consumer/buyers of healthcare products and services. Marketing and advertising that only targets the prospective patient might miss the mark and not get the job done. As […]

Up-Scale, Wealthy Consumers Use Coupons as Much as Everyone Else

As a HealthLeaders Media commentary put it recently, “Expecting patients to shop for discount cancer treatments and bargain heart procedures is, of course, a non-starter.” But coupons, discounts and special offers can take many forms in healthcare and hospital marketing. What’s more, the search for savings, and being value-conscious, is no longer a middle-income trait. […]

The “General Market” Illusion: The New Majority in Healthcare Marketing

On December 21, 2010, the U.S. Census Bureau announced the results of Census 2010—the resident population of the United States is now 308,745,538. But Census 2010 data isn’t just about counting noses. You may be surprised to learn that there’s a “new majority” in town, and there’s an important paradigm shift underway for healthcare marketing […]

The Elusive Patient Experience: Are You Wasting Money Trying to Hit the Wrong Target?

We think Jennifer Robison, Senior Editor for the Gallup Management Journal, hit a timely hot button with both marketing professionals and business administrators when she wrote about healthcare organizations missing the “patient experience” target. Her focus was primarily hospitals, but her words are just as vital to other healthcare organizations, marketing, advertising and PR executives […]

The Silver Tsunami and Five Other Disruptive Trends Impacting Medical Marketing

Take a quiet two minutes for a demographic reality check. Trust me, this isn’t an academic exercise. Private practices, physician groups, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and virtually all healthcare organizations should take note. Census data reveals some disruptive trends at work in the US population, researchers say. And, we would observe, if your healthcare marketing plan […]

Signs of the Future for Healthcare Marketing and Advertising? This Billboard is Looking at You, Mrs. Jones

The iconic, Spielberg science fiction film Minority Report set us up for this one nearly a decade ago.  But right now, a new billboard technology is being tested in Japan that recognizes who’s looking at it and delivers a personalized message that’s suitable to the reader. OK, it’s not the film’s iris recognition of year […]

Men’s Cosmetics: A Growing Gateway for Medical Group Marketing & Advertising?

Appearance-conscious men are buying skin-care products big time. There’s a boom in cosmetic products for men. Not just deodorant and aftershave stuff, we’re talking about eye gel, concealer, and an anti-shine powder that comes in a compact…it’s a bull market, according to the New York Times. Cosmetic products for men are not new, of course. […]

More Men May Be Singing Your Song. Shifting Demographics in Healthcare Marketing & Advertising?

Steve Smith, Healthcare Success Senior Consultant, Writer & Account Manager Singer James Brown sang, “It’s a Man’s World,” but he could also have written a song titled, “It’s a Man’s World Except for Healthcare Decisions.” Women still make approximately 80% of the health care decisions for their families, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, […]


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