7 Mistakes Doctors Make When Creating a Healthcare Brochure

Without giving it much thought, many–if not most–doctors will simply assume that they need a brochure to promote their medical practice. Often, this is true. But surprisingly often, it’s a premature assumption where the “treatment gets ahead of the diagnosis.” A healthcare brochure is not always the first or most important component in a comprehensive […]

Creative Thinking: How to Generate New Ideas for Better Healthcare Marketing

Somewhere in everyone’s job description—expressed or implied—is the need to be creative. And we know from experience in that it’s doubly challenging to be creative on demand. Surprisingly, a little coaching can help the process of generating good ideas for better healthcare marketing and advertising. Here are some secrets about being creative from, of all […]

Create Really Bad Hospital Advertising in Eight Easy Lessons

Like the sound of fingernails scraping a chalkboard, bad hospital advertising drives us a little crazy. In our line of work, we see a lot of external hospital ads—in magazines, billboards and TV/video work. And frankly, much of it probably does a decent job—in fact, some of it is inspired. But then there are the clunkers and […]

Medical Marketing’s Year of the Video – Creative Examples You’ll Want to Use

This year promises to be healthcare marketing’s Year of the Video. Once an emerging trend, online video has already reached mainstream status. And as we look ahead, medical practices, dental offices, hospitals and other healthcare providers will be deploying new and creative uses of video. (We’ve included some exceptional examples below as new ideas you […]

Pretty Poison: When Graphics Kill Your Healthcare Marketing Message

Six fatal design flaws that can muzzle your results-and what to do instead. The effectiveness of even good-looking marketing materials can be poisoned by any of these classic design flaws. Here’s how to spot the most common art and visual mistakes in the making and what to do instead. It’s practically impossible to describe excellent […]


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