Concierge Care: Growing Appeal to Doctors and Patients

by Jessica Socheski Though many patients remain unaware of its existence, the field of concierge medicine continues to quietly expand throughout the US among primary care physicians. It’s not a business model for everyone (or every market area), but roughly 4,400 American doctors have switched to a form of cash-only medicine called direct primary care, […]

Consumer Intelligence: Hard Questions for Concierge Practice Marketing

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) put forward the challenge questions for consumers, “Is Paying for ‘Concierge’ Health Care Worth It? What to Ask Before Signing Up for a High-End Plan.” With the nation’s healthcare delivery system changing, the thoughtful article [here] was intended to inform prospective patients about the growing number […]

How Do They Do That? Marketing High-Touch Primary Care That’s Less Than the Cost of a Weekly Latte

What’s not to like about personalized healthcare service? Same day and on time appointments, email access to scheduling and to your doctor, physicians who are not in a hurry and have the time to listen to patients—these are the patient benefits of a concierge practice without the typical (premium) concierge fee schedule. An article in […]

Concierge Practice Marketing: White Coat…Meet Blue Collar

A few days ago, a news item in the Philadelphia Business Journal caught our eye; a primary care practice was switching to a concierge medicine model—in a blue-collar neighborhood. Concierge practice marketing can be challenging anywhere because patients are typically required to pay an annual fee to enjoy a more personalized level of service. It’s […]


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