6 Lame Anti-Marketing Excuses That Refuse to Expire

It’s more than simply good fortune that our company enjoys a positive working relationship with our clients. The fact is that people want to do business with people and companies that they like and respect. And that’s a two-way street. This engenders a healthy environment and partnership attitude that drives new business and opportunity. There’s […]

Competitive Intelligence: How to Track Your Business Rivals

It never fails. Whenever I’m talking with a physician or medical marketing professional the frustrating topic of healthcare “competition” inevitably raises its ugly head. It’s inevitable because competition among providers, group practices and hospitals is increasing in intensity and healthcare reform has brought it to everyone’s doorstep. What’s more, it’s frustrating for several reasons. One […]

Meet Dr. Walgreens. Pharmacy-run ACO Redefines Doctor Marketing Competition

The mixed-up-world of healthcare delivery in the US has been scrambled again…this time by the corporate/retail sector. Walgreens continues to redefine the mid-level provider landscape by announcing that it will become “the first-ever chain retailer to become a direct provider of primary care services.” Just when you thought you had a fix on the competition, […]

Medical Practice Marketing: Is Walmart Jumping Into the Primary Care Gap or Not?

Here’s another bit of forward-looking competitive intelligence in medical practice marketing. There was a flurry of conflicting news reports recently that said Walmart was gearing-up to dominate the healthcare provider sector…or maybe not. As we see it, the real question is not “if,” but “when.” And there are several private sector horses in this race. […]

Marketing’s New Landscape: Building for the Long Haul and Gaining Market Share after the Economic Storm

Editor’s Note: This material is adapted from an article that we authored for THE Aesthetic Guide, a national publication serving readership in aesthetic medical practices. Many of the marketing concepts discussed in this article apply to other professional, medical and healthcare marketing situations. There are positive signs on the horizon that the nation’s economic climate […]

Attention Family Practice Doctors: Your Competition is on Aisle Three.

Walgreens, the nation’s largest drugstore chain, is turning-up the heat in family practice marketing. It’s been ages since the corner “drug store” confined it’s offering to only pharmaceuticals. But about 350 Walgreens locations are now part of the changing competitive healthcare landscape and likely to be an increasingly important factor to consider in FP, GP, […]

Medical Office Space: How to Choose a Great Location (First in a Series)

Editor’s note: This article is the first of a two-part series and covers how to CHOOSE a new practice location from a marketing point of view. At the conclusion of this article, we’ll provide you a link to the second article, which covers how to PROMOTE your new location. “Location, location, location…” This wise old […]


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