Medical Grand Rounds: The Impact of Patients’ Perceptions of Care on Physicians [Podcast Series]

[2014 Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience Speaker Series] In our continuing series of leadership interviews, Maureen Fagan, Executive Director of the Center for Patients and Families at Brigham and Women’s Hospital previews her Empathy + Innovation Summit presentation. Her talk at the Patient Experience Summit is titled, Patient and Family Centered Care in Medical Grand Rounds: […]

Seeing Patients by the Dozen: Group Appointments Are Increasing

The concept of shared medical appointments (one doc seeing several patients) isn’t well known or widely available…yet. That seems to be changing. The pressures of “more patients” and “fewer doctors” (among other things) are straining the nation’s healthcare delivery system, but it’s fueling innovative approaches that save time, reduce cost, and improve access, outcomes and […]

Cleveland Clinic Summit: Sharable and Scalable Patient Experience Ideas

A few weeks ago, when we spoke with Dr. James Merlino, Chief Experience Officer of the Cleveland Clinic, he was looking forward to the upcoming Patient Experience: Empathy + Innovation Summit. In that conversation, he told us, “Patient experience impacts all of us, and the only way healthcare organizations can get better is to share […]

At Cleveland Clinic, Patient Experience is Not Just About Patient Satisfaction

[Podcast] For a large healthcare system or any hospital for that matter, success with “patient experience” is far deeper than “making the patient happy.” Take it from Cleveland Clinic, the first healthcare organization in the United States to appoint a Chief Experience Officer. “It’s not just about satisfaction. This is about how we deliver quality […]

Healing is Not Enough: Cleveland Clinic Lessons in Patient-Centered Empathy

As the semi-fabled story goes, Toby Cosgrove, MD—CEO and President of the Cleveland Clinic—experienced a significant moment of awareness a few years ago. At a speaking engagement at Harvard’s business school, someone in the audience described a candid and personal experience about “empathy” over “outcomes.” The person in the audience told Dr. Cosgrove (a cardiac […]


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