Sign Language: Waiting is Good ‘Cause You’re Not Going to Die

Is your marketing message always clear or just confused? Happy baby pictures are a staple in hospital public relations. Virtually everyone gets the warm Happy Holidays message of images of newborns tucked snuggly into red and white “stockings” at MemorialCare’s Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital, Long Beach, CA. The images are season-appropriate and attention-getting PR […]

Are Your Words and Pictures Confusing, Irritating or Just Outdated?

Be careful what you say. The words and images that you use might be working against you, or at least producing unexpected (and undesirable) “message meaning.” It’s elementary mar-com 101, but you might be amazed at how often some folks neglect the receiver-side of the communications loop. Sometimes it’s an innocent oversight, or unexpected consequence, […]

The Speed of Trust: One Doctor’s System for Physician-Patient Communications

To hitchhike on a brilliant concept by Stephen Covey: information flows at the speed of trust.* For physician-patient communications and healthcare marketing there’s a powerful payoff in getting the communications cycle right—beginning with the basics. Four of the benefits that flow at the speed of trust are compliance, engagement, improved outcomes and a prospectively positive […]

Lead-Balloon Letter: How Not to Announce a Fee Increase

Right up front we want to say that we’re more than understanding about the financial struggle that goes with operating a medical practice. The nation’s economy remains soft, reimbursements are down, overhead costs are up; private practice is a tough business. (Most businesses—large or small, product or service, retail or otherwise—feel a financial pinch, including […]


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