5 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not quite the mysterious term that is once was. The doctors, hospitals and health systems that operate most of the nation’s health care websites recognize the vital role of SEO in connecting the patient with the provider. But unlike the words and graphics of a website—the stuff anyone can easily see online—the critical […]

Stop! Don’t Redo Your Website (Not Just Yet)

The idiom, “Don’t put the cart before the horse,” might have originated a couple thousand years ago. And roughly 500 years ago, the expression was a common figure of speech during the Renaissance. But as recently as last week, the age-old problem of putting things in the wrong order is, quite unfortunately, still alive and well…and […]

4 Alarming Ways Doctors Sabotage Their Own Marketing

Most medical groups and doctor-owner practices respect the fact that the business environment—particularly the competitive landscape—has changed dramatically. It’s tough and getting tougher as the nation’s healthcare system reinvents itself almost daily. But being aware of the competition falls far short of understanding how truly vulnerable most practices are…whether they know it or not. As […]

Social Media Failure: How to Avoid Internet Mistake #9

[Series Installment: The Worst Mistakes Healthcare Organizations Make When Trying to Attract Patients from the Internet, Mistake Nine: Failure to Use Social Media Properly; from the Healthcare Success Educational Library.] Once upon a time a simplistic website constituted a Web presence. It was little more than a digital Yellow Page listing and, if your competition […]

Benign Neglect: Classic Internet Mistake Number Three

[Series Installment: The Worst Mistakes Healthcare Organizations Make When Trying to Attract Patients from the Internet, Mistake Three: Ignoring Your Website; from the Healthcare Success Educational Library.] All too often, it is “benign neglect” that causes websites to wither into near non-existence. Instead of attracting and retaining new patients, many well-intended sites—for doctors, hospitals, group […]


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