Case Study: The Richly-Rewarding Impact of Television in Your Media Mix

Editor Note: Veteran media supervisor Charlie DeNatale provides this case study about the dramatic role that television advertising has in an effective media plan. We’ve masked the client information, but for hospital and other healthcare advertisers this study illustrates the return from a balanced media mix of television with search and Pay-per-Click advertising.   I’m […]

Success Story: Greenville Vein Specialist Marketing Turnaround

By Gil Zeimer, HSS Account Manager/Senior Copywriter Ordinarily, we don’t do much chest thumping, but we can’t help a little “pointing-with-pride” in this success story. Many readers will relate to the familiar back-story, so other medical practices will likely find useful insight and marketing lessons. Our story begins about a year ago… In Greenville, South […]

Humor in Hospital Advertising: Risky, Rewarding or Both?

[Hospital Advertising Success Story: Part Two] Texas Health Resources has been successfully using humor in their hospital advertising. The first part of this article [available here] looked at why humor in advertising is both difficult and dangerous. In this concluding part, we find that it can also be rewarding…but only when it’s done right. Many […]

Can We Use Humor to Advertise Our Hospital? Don’t Make Me Laugh.

[Hospital Advertising Success Story: Part One] Using humor in advertising—especially healthcare ads—is both difficult and dangerous. It’s difficult to find the precise balance between being funny (which makes it memorable), and communicating a product or service message (which makes it effective). What’s more, many health issues are no laughing matter. Potentially, it can backfire.

Friday Video: It’s Not WHAT You Do. People Buy WHY You Do It.

We’ve long been a fan of the “Ideas Worth Spreading” TED series. And our Friday Video today is a simple but powerful inspirational presentation by author Simon Sinek. His START WITH WHY concepts—about innovation, leadership and success—are immediately useful for healthcare providers and organizations. Why you do what you do is the vital (and often […]

Internet Marketing Insights from Sutter’s Award Winning Website for Women

[Case Study] There’s a lot to like about Sutter Health System’s interactive website for women. From a consumer perspective, is a robust and highly useful health and wellness resource for residents of the Sacramento, CA community and Northern California. In fact, it’s been repeatedly recognized as one of the nation’s best consumer health websites. […]

Compelling Clinical Cases Boost Reputation and Professional Referrals in Medical Practice Marketing

Here’s a real-world marketing case study about…using clinical case studies. Cindy Gall sends us this medical practice marketing success story about how the Central Texas Spine Institute (Austin) is effectively using physician-to-physician clinical case examples. Cindy writes, “I attended a Healthcare Success seminar in September of 2010. Lonnie Hirsch recommended using case studies as a […]

Medical Marketing’s Year of the Video – Creative Examples You’ll Want to Use

This year promises to be healthcare marketing’s Year of the Video. Once an emerging trend, online video has already reached mainstream status. And as we look ahead, medical practices, dental offices, hospitals and other healthcare providers will be deploying new and creative uses of video. (We’ve included some exceptional examples below as new ideas you […]

Marketing and PR Professionals Uniting for Winning Results

Marketing and PR Professionals Uniting for Winning Results Healthcare Success Director of Client Services Jamie Roney talked with Phyllis Marino of MetroHealth System (Cleveland, OH) as another in this series of podcasts, Tweets and posts direct from #SHSMD11 in Phoenix. In the presentation titled Marketing and PR Professionals Uniting for Winning Results, Phyllis presents a […]

How to Navigate the Politics in Healthcare Group Marketing

Your achievement checklist to getting ahead and staying ahead. Successful marketing for large groups or organizations includes navigating and balancing many voices and varied interests. Be aware of the possible problem areas, and have an objective third-party bring the group together for marketing success. There’s nothing simple about marketing—even if you’ve only got yourself to […]


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