Another Hospital PR Case: When Media Relations Go Sour

[Second of two parts] If you have not already done so, please read our previous post, Hospital PR Case Examples: One Bizarre, One Just Crazy about the hospital cyber-attack-for-ransom. This second case example is a different sort of hospital public relations (and media relations) squabble, between the local newspaper and the local hospital. Nobody wants […]

The Easy-Does-It Principle: Social Networking and Effective Connectivity

I’d like to share a real-world illustration of social media networking that came to me recently. The cornerstone concept is: Make it easy for people.  Strictly speaking, the subject matter isn’t about medical or hospital marketing. Nevertheless, it’s a good model for effective connectivity. In this case the engagement tool was a survey…collecting anonymous data […]

Case Example: Something You Haven’t Seen in Marketing ER Wait Times

We don’t know who gets the credit for this chain of ideas, but it looks like a case example of positive creative synergy at work. If you haven’t seen what a few Canadian hospitals are doing, this may be an opportunity for hospital marketing professionals to pickup on a good idea…one that’s grown from another […]

Hospital Marketing and PR Spotlight: Kids and Puppies Are Always a Winner

From time to time we spot hospital marketing and public relations examples in the field that you might like. Here are two with the “can’t miss” combo of kids and/or dogs. Spotlight: St. Louis Children’s Hospital. When therapy dogs make the rounds in the hospital’s cancer wing it makes for a compelling story. Not only […]

Barbers of Civility: An Unkind Hospital Public Relations Problem That Affects Everything

This headline really grabbed us: Rude Surgeons Hurt Patients, Increase Costs. It’s about a study with internal hospital and medical practice PR implications that can’t be good. (Let’s hope this doesn’t sound familiar to you. “Those [surgeons] who berate their staffs are practicing ‘bad medicine,’ experts say,” according to the item in this month’s issue of […]

Lessons Learned: The Worst Physician Marketing Debacle Ever

By Stewart Gandolf I recently asked our team to share some of the worst medical marketing mistakes they’ve ever witnessed out “in the field.” As a word of caution, the incident I am about to share is so egregious that my team was divided as to whether we should publish it, or bury it forever. […]

Delivering an Exceptional Patient Experience: Sometimes Leadership Rolls Uphill

  by Steve Smith, Healthcare Success Senior Consultant A recent consultation with a client in the Midwest revealed that the physician partners only gave lip service to customer service. Oh, they want each patient to have a good experience, of course, but that’s as far as their involvement goes. Unfortunately, that put my office manager […]


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