Success Skills: Recognizing Buying Signals Improves Case Acceptance

How to practice your “empathetic listening” for better patient communications Professionals need to be effective communicators, particularly when offering elective care options. Exceptional patient communications begin with careful listening skills that can be cultivated with daily practice.

What You Can Learn from Occupational Medicine Marketing

Like so many of the healthcare provider channels in medicine today, occupational medicine is changing. And there are marketing lessons in occupational medicine marketing for many other professions, medical practices, hospitals, clinics and healthcare organizations. The key to success in occupational medicine is good sales acumen. The clinic, urgent care center or medical facility that […]

Redefining the Concept of “Selling” in Healthcare

Overcoming negative, old-school ideas with genuine benefits in patient health. Nobody likes to be “sold.” But there’s no “selling” in communicating how products and services deliver needed healthcare benefits to patients. After almost twenty-five years consulting and helping physicians, dentists and many other healthcare professionals attract more of the patients and cases they want, I’m […]

How to Get Patients to Ask About Your High-End Procedures

The overwhelming reason why patients don’t ask about your high-end procedures is because they don’t know much about your practice or procedures — high-end or Otherwise. And unless they have a strong personal need or envision a value to themselves, they also have no interest. Short conversation … over before it begins. It’s simply a […]

Product Promo Gone Wild: 5 Lessons Learned from One Bad Experience

You can’t sell enough $100 products in a year to replace one patient lost in a day Here’s a brief, but absolutely real-life, patient-experience story. The venue is the office of a general dentist, but the “how-not-to-do-something” message applies to many other provider settings. Picture yourself as the patient and you’ll have no trouble reading […]


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