Is Your Front Office a “Desk of Death” for New Business?

About 90 percent of practices and healthcare organizations lose new business opportunity, and money when they answer the phone. That makes the front desk the second most critical job in any doctor’s office. Of course, the top job under your roof is that of the provider or providers. But the front desk is the vital […]

Tracking the Source of New Patients to Maximize Your Advertising ROI

Using ad-tracking toll-free phone numbers to document what most staffs forget to ask. If successful marketing has a mantra, it is: “You’ve got to track!” Having and using an accurate tracking system to identify the source of new patients from the first phone call is the only way to calculate your marketing’s Return-on-Investment (ROI) and […]

The ‘No Excuses’ Call Tracking System to Maximize Your Advertising ROI

In dental marketing, we’re passionate about knowing the source of new patients. It’s the clarity needed to drive a successful program and keep a bundle of marketing dollars from being wasted. These tracking principles also apply to many other healthcare professions. What troubled us recently in the results we reported from the State of Dental […]


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“Despite practicing in a hyper-competitive market, our new-patient counts are double what they were for the same time period last year. Hiring Healthcare Success was one of the best business decisions I have ever made.”

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