Healthcare Website Checklist: Characteristics of Top Ranked Sites 

A marketing website doesn’t have an end-date or use-by date. Instead, the effectiveness quietly fades away. Without an obvious signal, how do you know that it’s time for a new design? Here’s a healthcare website checklist of the things that top ranked sites have in common. Healthcare Website Checklist: Characteristics Most of all, if you miss the mark […]

A is for Actionable: The Last Word Produces Engaging Results

Sometimes the problem in a healthcare marketing effort is in what’s NOT included. For nearly every well-intended effort—be it an advertisement, a brochure or a website—a weak or missing Call-to-Action guarantees no measurable results. It can happen (inadvertently, we hope) in the best of plans for hospitals and medical practices. A powerhouse community event, a […]

“Please Read This Today.” A Call to Action for Doctor Advertising.

No Call to Action is No Ad at All.  Often the humble “call to action” is only two or three words. But if it’s forgotten, it can make a surprising difference in the effectiveness of healthcare marketing messages. Leave out the critical call to action in doctor advertising and medical practice marketing and the advertisement […]


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