The Right Media Buying Service Stretches Your Marketing Budget by up to 50 Percent

There’s no extra cost to have professionals handle your media placement work. As your external advertising budget grows, eventually you’ll want—make that, need—professional help in setting and managing the entire media placement and buying process. Let’s say your your healthcare organization has an advertising plan that covers several broadcast media, with scheduled flights starting and […]

Budget Basics: Big Enough to Matter

Two different practitioners called us recently. Let’s just describe them as smart and experienced dentists, in different parts of the country, and on different ends of the promotional spectrum. They both were experiencing “aha moments” of personal insight and needed help pronto. They didn’t know how to get started with budget planning. Both are real situations, […]

Replace “Feel Good” Activities with Real Marketing to Attract Real Patients

You may be able to fund your marketing plan without spending another dime, simply by slashing waste Good intentions and charitable good deeds are not the same as effective marketing. Giving is good and marketing is business-keep those objectives separate to discover savings that produce results. It was a case of mistaken identity. The catch-all […]

The 7 All-Time Most Frequently Asked Questions about Healthcare Marketing

Answers that have guided thousands of practices and health care organizations in achieving their growth goals. Our daily work puts us on the receiving-end of a stream of healthcare and medical marketing questions of all kinds. We wouldn’t think of saying that we’ve “heard ’em all,” but our collective experience adds up to fielding many […]

Establish Healthcare Marketing Budgets For Hospitals, Healthcare Organizations and Private Practices

Healthcare practitioners ask us about budgeting more than any other single topic In fact, just this morning a dermatologist asked me how much money he should allocate to market his new dermatology / medi spa practice in Florida. It turns out there are three primary methodologies to establish a marketing budget.

The Marketing Year Has Already Begun. Do You Know Where Your Plan Is Today?

How to protect your turf and keep from losing ground to the competition. We’ll get right to the point.. If you’re not geared up with a new or refreshed marketing plan in the starting blocks NOW for the first week in January, you’ve just given your competition a giant head start. And that’s a fast-blast […]

Putting Pencil to Paper for a Realistic Healthcare Organization Marketing Budget

No budget? Unrealistic budget? How to begin when the page is blank. Two different practitioners called us recently. Let’s just describe them as smart and experienced doctors in different professions, in different parts of the country and on different ends of the promotional spectrum. They both were experiencing an “ah-hah moment” of personal insight and […]

The Healthcare Marketing Exchange

Real-world insights and ideas A marketing plan is not a list of marketing ideas from which you randomly select different concepts to test or combine for trial-and-error experimentation. That is just random, episodic, spaghetti-on-the-wall marketing activity – which is almost always a high-risk prescription for disappointment, frustration and failure. A marketing plan is a strategic […]


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