How Proper Planning Can Crush the Competition

Successful practices and businesses are built from great service, good leadership and rock-solid strategies. A good marketing plan is important so you know whom to target.   But before you get to the planning stage, you need to determine what you want to accomplish in the next 12 months. You may already have a strategy […]

Your Social Media Strategy: Get Started (or Get Serious)

In the retail world, about one in three customers will use social networks to discover or research new products or services, typically this is an early step on their purchase-decision path. In healthcare, the influence of the Internet and social media—where upwards of eight out of ten people look online for health information—is an even […]

Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Healthy Healthcare Marketing Budget

It’s that time of the year when savvy healthcare marketing minds are thinking about budgets. Prudent fiscal management sets budgets annually, but reviews and adjusts monthly. If you’ve been faithful to that routine, you have a head start on planning and shaping your hospital or doctor marketing budget for the year ahead. But it’s not […]

Has Your Practice Outgrown Your Marketing Budget?

In less than a decade, healthcare in the US has changed greatly and frighteningly fast. Too fast, it seems for a multi-specialty group that was wrestling with competition and an unfamiliar business slowdown. Their story might sound painfully familiar. The business backdrop to their story is nearly universal in healthcare. Under the ubiquitous label of […]

13 Reasons to Write Your 2014 Marketing Plan in Pencil

Healthcare is on a countdown to the New Year, and the only thing certain about 2014 is that it will be different from its predecessor. Plan accordingly. More than ever, your marketing plan—for a medical practice, hospital, service line or health systems—should be written in pencil. You’ll need a nimble plan to keep ahead of […]

5 More Free Ways to Squeeze More Juice From Your Doctor Marketing Plan

[Another in our series of posts about free, low-cost, affordable and effective tactics to make your medical marketing sizzle without breaking the bank.] Genuine business growth is the product of a well-designed marketing plan and budget. But there are serious ways to drive more “umphff” to your efforts without adding serious bucks to the budget.

Hospitals Shift More Digital Dollars To Influencing Physicians

Hospital executives say they are increasing their digital marketing budgets to reach and influence doctors. Close to 30 percent (on average, about $13,000) is aimed at physicians, and the balance targets consumers for the typical small hospital budget. This data comes from an informative report available from UBM Medica US. Among the findings, hospitals—like other […]

2013: Competition and Other Key Challenges in Healthcare Marketing

About a month from today everyone will be hanging a fresh calendar on the wall for 2013. And even from this relatively close perspective, the issues and challenges of what’s ahead for hospitals, physicians and healthcare providers are beginning to focus. As we see things, one dynamic in the New Year will be that change […]

Doing More with Less: Creating a Lean and Mean Healthcare Marketing Budget

Creating an effective healthcare marketing plan shouldn’t be a painful exercise. But to many, it seems like that. The doctor who is already into marketing wants to grow his or her practice…but resources are more scarce than ever. The medical group practice may have a few resources, but the competition has grown from “tough” to […]

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

Are you marketing or just wishing something will happen? Simply having a goal in mind does not achieve success. A goal without a plan is just a wish…and daydreams alone seldom produce results. To move beyond wishful thinking-and produce tangible results-requires specific goals and a well-crafted marketing action plan.


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