Scripps Health: “Big Data” Means Big Opportunities for Healthcare Marketing

[SHSMD15 Podcast Series] This podcast previews the SHSMD15 presentation of Don Stanziano, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Scripps Health: Empowering a Strong Brand: Scripps Health Integrates CRM into its Marketing Mix.   There’s a new way to integrate digital and traditional healthcare marketing. By using customer relationship management (CRM) tools, healthcare companies are able to […]

High Touch, High Tech: Workflows and Systems for Referral Growth

[SHSMD15 Podcast Series]  This podcast previews the SHSMD15 presentation of Deb Pappas, Senior Director of Marketing, and Kevin Pawl, Director of Patient Access, at Boston Children’s Hospital. Healthcare Success Business Development Director Lauren Henss talks with Deb and Kevin about their topic: High Touch, High Tech: Aligning Internal Workflows and Systems for Referral Growth.   […]


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