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Marketing in any industry is a tricky endeavor. When it comes to your own practice or an independent clinic where gaining and maintaining a customer’s trust is paramount, the task is especially challenging. And when we’re talking about the marketing of content, that challenging task becomes even more difficult, due not only to the ongoing need […]

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If you don’t have a blog, read no further. (Although you might want to re-think that decision.) If your blog is a digital soapbox and a one-way monolog, you are probably realizing less than half the value of the time and effort that you invest. Here’s why. Virtually all successful blogs—particularly as hospital and healthcare […]

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How do you measure the value of your blog? What’s the ROI for your Facebook page? How much do your YouTube videos benefit your physician marketing? What's the pay-back on Twitter? A balanced view of benefits gives you the whole picture.

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