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It is tempting to describe the digital revolution in healthcare marketing using either-or terms. Articles that want to compare and contrast TRADITIONAL marketing with DIGITAL marketing tend to make two columns, with one side VERSUS the other side. The purpose, place and applications of one are not in opposition to the other. Most often, they […]

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There are dozens of compelling reasons to include community marketing ideas, activities and outreach events in your plan. For any hospital or provider practice, working with the local public—down home at the grassroots level—is engaging, rewarding…and usually, a lot of fun. Community marketing engages and attracts prospective customers on a local level through their cities […]

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[One in a series of posts about finding and using free, low-cost, affordable and effective tactics to make your medical marketing sizzle without breaking the bank.] In our experience, “marketing-on-the-cheap” has never been a useful or effective solution to anything. Over the years, we’ve often received an urgent call after some well-meaning (but ill-advised) stabs […]

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The Patient's Champion helps work all the options that bring services within financial reach Nearly all of our highly successful professional practice clients have at least 1 person on staff whose singular mission is to find ways to make elective procedures affordable. The staff member (often more than 1 person) takes the role of counselor […]

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It’s a curious thing. Patients who want or need cosmetic procedures are usually concerned about the cost first. Since they don’t have many ways to measure the worth of your dental skills, experience, or quality of materials, they only know to ask, “How much does this cost?” And the dichotomy is that all-important money matters are […]

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Tips for provider and staff who talk with reluctant patients scared by economic tough times. Effective physician-patient communication skills are increasingly critical in the clinical setting. Here's why the "new normal" in healthcare now demands a team approach that applies these basic ingredients. It's a page from every successful sales executive's playbook. Some physician stories […]

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