The Right Media Buying Service Stretches Your Marketing Budget by up to 50 Percent

There’s no extra cost to have professionals handle your media placement work. As your external advertising budget grows, eventually you’ll want—make that, need—professional help in setting and managing the entire media placement and buying process. Let’s say your your healthcare organization has an advertising plan that covers several broadcast media, with scheduled flights starting and […]

Healthcare Marketing to Protect Your Business from Recession, Healthcare Reform, Competition and Change

Keeping the roof over your head when it looks like the sky is falling. A solid plan for healthcare marketing is a fundamental business tool for coping and succeeding in the face of healthcare reform and other changes. Competition has increased …the roll-up trend created more groups…and economic pressures push down on reimbursement and elective […]

Why Pretty Marketing Materials Can Kill You

Everyone wants their marketing materials to look attractive. After all, most patients have a very difficult time evaluating providers, and therefore consciously or unconsciously, look for clues about you based upon what they can see and understand. If your facilities, office, hospital and marketing materials look professional and inspire confidence, you are set up to […]

Outcome Photos: Why Some Pictures Can Ruin your Message

Skilled practitioners want everyone to appreciate the work they do, and before-and-after photos can work wonders. But, remember that patients are interested in personal benefits, not clinical process. For external marketing materials, use images that illustrate positive outcomes and benefits and save the clinical pictures for colleagues. We are often asked about using “before-and-after” photos […]


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