[VIDEO] Search and Display Advertising in Healthcare: What’s Best for Your Bottom Line?

A solid digital marketing strategy involves several components, but paid digital advertising is the most direct route to your bottom line. I’ll put it this way: you can pray for clicks with search engine optimization (SEO), using the proper keywords and hoping it gets you to the top of Google’s results pages–or you can pay for clicks and see […]

Your Healthcare Marketing Agency: When to Hold ‘Em. When to Fold ‘Em.

Let’s face it: There are a lot of doctors, medical practices and hospitals that wish they could go about their professional practice activities without the worry, hassle and distraction of marketing and advertising. But, as it turns out, modern medicine is a profession, but healthcare is a business. And, like it or not, the Affordable […]

A is for Actionable: The Last Word Produces Engaging Results

Sometimes the problem in a healthcare marketing effort is in what’s NOT included. For nearly every well-intended effort—be it an advertisement, a brochure or a website—a weak or missing Call-to-Action guarantees no measurable results. It can happen (inadvertently, we hope) in the best of plans for hospitals and medical practices. A powerhouse community event, a […]

Results-Driven Marketing: Not Just About the Media [Video]

[Marketing Minute Video Series] Healthcare Success Account Supervisor Tracy Scarborough and CEO Stewart Gandolf talk about RESULTS in marketing. Another Marketing Minute from Healthcare Success with tips, techniques and ideas for successful medical practice or hospital marketing and advertising. Hospitals, medical practices and other providers always want results from their marketing investment. But surprisingly, not […]

“Send Pizza” and Other Medical Marketing Notes You Missed

As inspirational fuel for your medical marketing idea book, here’s a brief roundup of interesting items that popped up on our radar recently. Each has a “take-away” concept that a professional practice, hospital or medical group might adapt for local use. And please tell us about the creative ideas or success stories from your marketing, […]

Is Your Social Media Just a Crummy Commercial?

Each December brings the enjoyment of all the holiday classic movies. And there’s a fun little marketing and advertising lesson in A Christmas Story, one of our seasonal favorites. No doubt you’ve seen the quirky and endearing 1983 comedy about an Indiana schoolboy—Ralphie (Peter Billingsley)—who desperately wants a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. The […]

Spaghetti Marketing: The Messy Second Deadly Sin

[Series Installment: How to Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Healthcare Marketing — Deadly Sin # 2: Spaghetti Marketing. From the Healthcare Success Educational library] The “spaghetti” approach to marketing is much more tragic than funny. All too often we discover the trial-and-error method of throwing marketing strategies against the wall to see what sticks. […]

7 Media Buying Myths: Reducing Financial Risk in Healthcare Advertising

The single most financially dangerous line item in a healthcare marketing plan is usually labeled Media Planning and Buying. An otherwise sound medical advertising plan can become a major waste of resources. When hospitals or doctors who own a practice fail to understand how media buying works, they either spend more money than they need […]

The Right Media Buying Service Stretches Your Marketing Budget by up to 50 Percent

There’s no extra cost to have professionals handle your media placement work. As your external advertising budget grows, eventually you’ll want—make that need—professional help in setting and managing the entire media placement and buying process. Let’s say your your healthcare organization has an advertising plan that covers several broadcast media, with scheduled flights starting and […]

Healthcare Marketing to Protect Your Business from Recession, Healthcare Reform, Competition and Change

Keeping the roof over your head when it looks like the sky is falling. A solid plan for healthcare marketing is a fundamental business tool for coping and succeeding in the face of healthcare reform and other changes. Competition has increased …the roll-up trend created more groups…and economic pressures push down on reimbursement and elective […]


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