Seven Mistakes Dental Practices Make When Creating a Website

The Internet has become the tool of choice for prospective patients in making dental and other health–care decisions. But there are a ton of practices that don’t have a first–class online marketing tool, and that’s a missed opportunity and lost revenue. If it’s time to take a critical look at your tired, gen–one version, here’s […]

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State of Dental Marketing

Dentists want to grow their practices, but most are operating without a marketing roadmap. “This is an increasingly tough business.” This comment from an experienced solo dentist (age 55 to 64) practicing in the Midwest was clear and direct. And many, perhaps most, dentists who participated in the first-ever State of Dental Marketing Survey seem […]

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The 3 Cs for Winning Professional-to-Professional Referrals

The three big ideas behind every successful Professional Referral Program. Referrals are all about relationships. And professional relationships—the source of professional referrals—don’t blossom spontaneously. There’s a well-considered system that fuels a successful Professional Referral Program, based on these three concepts. Healthcare referrals are the financial lifeblood of many hospitals and practices. And for others, referrals […]

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Phone Skills Can Make or Break Your Healthcare Business

“If you can get our phones to ring more often, we’ll be happy campers!” It would be very hard to estimate how many times we’ve heard that request in our combined 30 years of healthcare marketing experience. Hundreds of times would be a conservative guess. “Get people to call us and we can take it […]

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Medical Office Space: How to Choose a Great Location (First in a Series)

Editor’s note: This article is the first of a two-part series and covers how to CHOOSE a new practice location from a marketing point of view. At the conclusion of this article, we’ll provide you a link to the second article, which covers how to PROMOTE your new location. “Location, location, location…” This wise old […]

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Just Say No to Spaghetti Marketing (Follow a Marketing Plan Instead)

Can you guess what spaghetti marketing is? (A lot of healthcare businesses do it.) Simply spend a lot of marketing dollars randomly, throw a bunch of “spaghetti” against the wall, and see if anything sticks. As you might suspect, we are not big fans of spaghetti marketing. You could throw a lot of spaghetti — […]

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The Healthcare Marketing Exchange

Real-world insights and ideas A marketing plan is not a list of marketing ideas from which you randomly select different concepts to test or combine for trial-and-error experimentation. That is just random, episodic, spaghetti-on-the-wall marketing activity – which is almost always a high-risk prescription for disappointment, frustration and failure. A marketing plan is a strategic […]

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It’s your reputation, your time, your money…

Shouldn’t you trust your practice marketing to two of America’s top physician marketing and dental marketing experts Done properly, ethical marketing can grow your profits, attract patients who appreciate and can afford quality care, deliver the high-paying fulfilling cases you want and even enable you to have a life again. However, the stakes are far higher than […]

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