9 Essentials of Improving Patient Retention

For your internal marketing audience, it’s all about caring. The established patient base for any healthcare organization, practice or group is never permanent…and may not be as firmly established as you might think. The process of improving retention is grounded in the internal communications skills of doctor, staff and everyone who works there. Surprisingly, the […]

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How to Build Your Brand through Staff, Office and Location

The patient experience begins from the inside of the practice outward By Lonnie Hirsch and Stewart Gandolf, MBA Editor’s Note – The following Healthcare Success article by Lonnie Hirsch and Stewart Gandolf was originally published by Dental Economics magazine. The principles of branding and marketing management are appropriate to healthcare organizations, group medical practices, hospitals […]

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Methods of Marketing

While many methods of marketing may be available, the two most commonly utilized techniques are brand-based marketing and direct response marketing. > Brand-based Marketing > Direct Response Marketing There is also a third, increasingly common method that is a hybrid of the other two.

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How to Navigate the Politics in Healthcare Group Marketing

Your achievement checklist to getting ahead and staying ahead. Successful marketing for large groups or organizations includes navigating and balancing many voices and varied interests. Be aware of the possible problem areas, and have an objective third-party bring the group together for marketing success. There’s nothing simple about marketing—even if you’ve only got yourself to […]

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How to Assure Success When the Phone Rings

It’s frightening. We’ve seen 6-figure marketing programs go down the tube six seconds after the phone rang. In each case, the carefully crafted advertising produced dozens of prospective patient calls to the practice, but none – repeat none – of these callers became patients. Why? Because they never got past the first phone call, much […]

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Putting Pencil to Paper for a Realistic Healthcare Organization Marketing Budget

No budget? Unrealistic budget? How to begin when the page is blank. Two different practitioners called us recently. Let’s just describe them as smart and experienced doctors in different professions, in different parts of the country and on different ends of the promotional spectrum. They both were experiencing an “ah-hah moment” of personal insight and […]

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The 7 Ps of Marketing

Strategic marketing planning and analysis is an ongoing process. As part of almost every “Marketing 101” course, students are taught a basic marketing analysis principle, most often called the “marketing mix.” The marketing mix was originally defined as the “4 Ps” – Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. For service businesses, a fifth “P” – People […]

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Outcome Photos: Why Some Pictures Can Ruin your Message

Skilled practitioners want everyone to appreciate the work they do, and before-and-after photos can work wonders. But, remember that patients are interested in personal benefits, not clinical process. For external marketing materials, use images that illustrate positive outcomes and benefits and save the clinical pictures for colleagues. We are often asked about using “before-and-after” photos […]

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