Creating a Powerful, Differentiating Brand

How to Avoid Looking Like “Plain Vanilla” Let’s say a new family moves in a couple of blocks from your office, and the mother holds a gathering for her new neighbors. At the gathering she asks, “I’d like to find a first-rate doctor for my family. Is there anyone special here in town?” How many […]

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The ‘No Excuses’ Call Tracking System to Maximize Your Advertising ROI

In dental marketing, we’re passionate about knowing the source of new patients. It’s the clarity needed to drive a successful program and keep a bundle of marketing dollars from being wasted. These tracking principles also apply to many other healthcare professions. What troubled us recently in the results we reported from the State of Dental […]

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10 Ways to Attract New Patients from Your Favorite Local Companies

How many of these ideas can you use to win new patients from businesses down the street? A large or dominant employer in your community – or the business across the street – is an excellent target of opportunity for new patients and cases, especially if you’re already serving some of those employees. Here are […]

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How to Get Your Patients to Refer in Droves

Here are two remarkably easy-and highly effective-ways to encourage patients to refer family, friends and colleagues to your practice. The cost is almost nothing, so your Return On Investment (ROI) is through the roof. This is the closest thing you’ll find to guarantee success in internal marketing, and with a little practice and persistence, it’s […]

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Is Your Professional Photo as Good as Your Professional Reputation?

8 Extremely Helpful Guidelines for an Ideal Executive Portrait Healthcare is a people business…where trust and confidence begins with the first impressions. Here’s how to create an effective professional photo that helps build and extend your first-class reputation.. OK—we’ll be the first to admit that not everyone is incredibly photogenic. But a professional’s professional photo […]

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What is Marketing?

Marketing is defined from various sources as a process, as a set of strategies and activities, as a series of communications, and more. There are many good and accurate definitions of marketing. Here are a few.

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Your Patients are Looking for You on the Web. Are You There Yet?

By Michelle Boyles, Managing Editor (This article was adapted from Optometric Management, though the Internet marketing principles apply to all healthcare practitioners.) A recent Harris Interactive poll shows that 80% of consumers today research health information online. But with the wealth of information out there, how do you drive patients to your Web site? And […]

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Doctor Marketing Secrets When the Economic News is Soft

What your most successful competitors don’t want you to know Various sectors of the American economic picture have been described lately as “soft,” “bumpy,” or according to Pundit Mr. C. Little, “the sky is falling!” The truth is that everyone’s situation is different, and we can’t guide you about broad economic affairs in the nation. […]

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Are You Too Busy To Be Successful?

There is a cure if you follow a strict treatment plan for feeling better. A doctor called not long ago and told us he desperately needed our help. That’s not unusual, but he said he couldn’t even wait to go to one of our monthly strategic marketing planning meetings; he wanted us to work with […]

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Medical Yellow Pages: Playing to Win and Here Are Some Rules

While 98 Percent of Doctors and Dentists Hate the Yellow Pages, the Other 2 Percent Quietly Laugh All the Way to the Bank. It’s a Zero-sum Game, and Some Rules. It’s like the line attributed to Mark Twain: “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Nearly 100 years later, the same is true […]

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