Why Pretty Marketing Materials Can Kill You

Everyone wants their marketing materials to look attractive. After all, most patients have a very difficult time evaluating providers, and therefore consciously or unconsciously, look for clues about you based upon what they can see and understand. If your facilities, office, hospital and marketing materials look professional and inspire confidence, you are set up to […]

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Pharmaceutical Marketing: New Ideas to Ethically Win Doctors’ Hearts by Helping Them to Grow Their Practices

We’ve marketed many thousands of doctor practices over the years, and our experience clearly shows that nothing wins doctors’ hearts (and loyalty) like helping them to increase their bottom line. Beginning April 19, 2002, however, most pharmaceutical companies discontinued virtually all significant efforts to assist doctors with their practices due to the PhRMA Code On […]

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Cooperative Marketing: Like-Minded Businesses Want to Build Your Organization

It’s easier than you think to find a co-op friend in the neighborhood. Whether you are a physician, surgeon, dentist, physical therapist, optometrist, veterinarian or other healthcare professional, developing win-win relationships with nearby businesses is always a great marketing idea… and something we have been teaching for years. The trouble is, in the real world […]

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Don’t Spend a Dime on the “Dogs” of Healthcare Marketing

Here’s a familiar scenario. Someone in a rumpled suit drops by your office without an appointment. He tells your receptionist that he is selling a new and amazing marketing service for only $700. It is guaranteed to “get your name out there.” But here’s the catch: you’ve got to make a decision today, because if […]

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Opportunities to Partner-and-Prosper with Area Providers

How to link arms with a kindred healthcare practice for a win-win-win marketing success. Sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of the parts—and so it goes with cost-effective cross promotion. With minimum time and expense, two or more healthcare entities can team-up for a healthy Return-on-Investment.

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Healthcare Information Technology: Where is Your Office?

Listening to the voice of the customer – what patients say they want from your practice A doctor’s office told us recently: “We don’t have email or Internet connection in the office.” It was a bit of a surprise to us-most of the practices we consult with routinely do have Internet and email, many with their […]

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What Is a Marketing SYSTEM?

Like so many other business processes, marketing implementation is far more successful when a practice executes a solid marketing plan with the support of a structured system. Marketing Plan “If you fail to plan, plan to fail.” Everyone’s heard this saying, yet so few healthcare practices follow this sound advice when it comes to marketing.

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Don’t Let the Treatment Get Ahead of the Diagnosis

The first four diagnostic questions to ask before you take a marketing leap… Imagine this happening in your office… A new patient presents himself and announces that he needs a broad-spectrum antibiotic. How’s that again? Yes — could you please write the prescription so he can be on his way? And thank you very much. […]

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How to Get Patients to Ask About Your High-End Procedures

The overwhelming reason why patients don’t ask about your high-end procedures is because they don’t know much about your practice or procedures — high-end or Otherwise. And unless they have a strong personal need or envision a value to themselves, they also have no interest. Short conversation … over before it begins. It’s simply a […]

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