A Fresh Look at the 7 Ps of Healthcare Marketing

A regular and pragmatic medical marketing self-examination can be revealing, positive, negative and ultimately, extremely valuable in keeping your healthcare marketing plan operating at peak performance. Here’s how to approach each of the seven classic fundamentals.

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7 Strategies for Maximum-Effective Office Signs

How to make your on-premise practice sign recruit new patients One of the best long-term marketing tools for any consumer-direct practice is, unfortunately, often neglected or under-utilized. It’s easy to overlook the powerful effectiveness of an on-premise sign. And far and away, it can be the best Return-On-Investment (ROI) for your location. The main reason? […]

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Nine Steps to Becoming a Recognized Healthcare Authority

Gain personal and professional satisfaction plus boost your marketing plan effectiveness. We’re willing to wager that you are already an expert. The professionals that we work with daily are all highly educated, experienced and smart. Almost by definition, every one of them is an expert, and they’re passionate about some aspect of the work they’ve […]

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Ethical Medical Healthcare Marketing Systems – Work Smarter, Not Harder

Attract new patients to your medical office without sacrificing your reputation Economic pressures can often squeeze the profits – and enjoyment – right out of your business. As a consequence, doctors, administrators, managers and staff often find themselves spending an inordinate amount of their time and energy trying to cut costs and optimize reimbursements. The […]

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Doctors: Make Marketing Hay While The Sun Shines

What time of year do you think about marketing your healthcare organization? Well, if you are like a lot of doctors, you probably think about marketing mostly during your slow seasons. And the logical knee-jerk reaction would be to go out and run some ads. Makes sense, right? Wrong.

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How Is Marketing a Healthcare Practice Different?

In many respects, marketing a healthcare practice is not substantially different from marketing a small business in other industries. Basic business marketing principles that apply in other industries – including market and competitive research, strategic planning, budgeting, positioning, branding, marketing strategies, tactics, media options, public relations opportunities, implementation processes, tracking processes – also apply in […]

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Professional Referral Marketing: Four Cornerstones and Eight Fatal Errors

How to lose colleagues faster than you can say “Professional Referral Faux Pas” Each time we roll up our sleeves and work with a group of doctors at one of our 2-day marketing meetings, the professional referral marketing strategies and tactics session is one of the most interesting, lively, popular and productive segments. It hits […]

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