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Fresh Online Face of AAE: Association’s Website is Sterling Endodontic Marketing

We’re impressed with the new AAE website ( The American Association of Endodontists has revitalized its online presence with more content and improved endodontic marketing messages for the public and the professional ranks. Refreshing (or completely re-doing) a website is good advice for most healthcare practices, hospitals and organizations. Too often their website is a […]

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How-To Example of Leveraging Media: Prosthodontic Marketing Gets More Impact for Esthetic Restoration Campaign

The American College of Prosthodontists (ACP) recently launched a marketing campaign about esthetic restoration. Using an effective combination of video and audio material, the ACP placement plan is a good case example for healthcare marketing and advertising decision-makers about how to leverage media exposure for added (and affordable) reach and audience impact. Here’s a quick […]

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7 Misleading Myths of Dental Marketing

How to avoid “conventional wisdom” myths, preserve resources, and boost your ROI  Let’s put the bottom line right here at the top – Return-on-Investment (ROI) is your primary measuring stick for evaluating marketing efforts. Now, hold that thought. Although ROI is marketing’s gold-standard score card, we are often surprised (and a bit disappointed) when we […]

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Marketing 101

It’s no secret that dentistry is evolving throughout much of the Middle East. Until recently, the majority of patients failed to understand the value of quality dentistry, the Emirati market was limited to government-subsidised care, and dental marketing was virtually nonexistent. Now the landscape is rapidly changing. Rising numbers of affluent patients are beginning to […]

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Alternative to the Dreaded Dentist’s Drill Could Open New (but Narrow) Dental Marketing Gateway

A lot of dental patients—maybe most of us—cringe at the sound of the dentist’s drill. But dental marketing and advertising professionals take note—a new treatment for incipient caries proposes a drill-less approach…at least for some patients and cases. The good news is a “no drill” alternative treatment using an infiltrant—brand name Icon—targets intermediate-stage decay. According […]

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Blueprint for Business

  In many areas of the Middle East, it’s simply not enough to be a well-trained and skilled dentist. It also means being savvy about business and marketing to grow the practice and to achieve your personal and financial goals. Our previous article discussed how an ethical dental marketing programme is an opportunity to take […]

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