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Tale of Two Cities: Upscale vs. Down Low for Dental Branding

San Francisco and Berkeley, CA, are only 20 minutes apart via the Bay Bridge. But for these two practices, their dental advertising, dental positioning and branding couldn’t be further apart. And, from a healthcare marketing perspective, both examples are properly tuned into their community spirit and embrace it in their office décor and branding message. […]

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How Third-Party Financing Can Boost Big-Case Acceptance

It’s a curious thing. Patients who want or need cosmetic procedures are usually concerned about the cost first. Since they don’t have many ways to measure the worth of your dental skills, experience, or quality of materials, they only know to ask, “How much does this cost?” And the dichotomy is that all-important money matters are […]

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Bet You Can’t Top This: Orthodontist Shows How Office Décor is Fun Marketing

This post is mainly for fun. But there’s a practice marketing lesson in this exceptional example of wildly interesting and unique office décor–from an orthodontic practice. You’re going to have to drive to Conway, Arkansas to experience the office decor of orthodontist—and admitted car enthusiast—David J. Myers, DDS, MS. If you’ve never seen a medical […]

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Doctors and Hospitals Take Note: Dentists Take a Public Punch for Marketing in Recession

There are several important healthcare marketing lessons hidden in the recent Los Angeles Times article titled Dentists turn to marketing after getting brush-off from patients. Although it is primarily about dentists and dental marketing in the economic downturn, the important marketing takeaways also apply to medical practices and hospitals. We’ll look past any immediate temptation […]

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Does Botox Belong in the Dentist’s Office? It Depends on Who You Ask.

Back in the uncomplicated good old days of healthcare marketing, the many and various medical professions, specialties and subspecialties were neatly organized by basic anatomy. Podiatrists, for example, worked on stuff “below the knee.” A patient with a snoring problem might be referred to an “ear-nose-throat” specialist. And dentists cared for your teeth and gums. […]

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Budget Basics: Big Enough to Matter

Two different practitioners called us recently. Let’s just describe them as smart and experienced dentists, in different parts of the country, and on different ends of the promotional spectrum. They both were experiencing “aha moments” of personal insight and needed help pronto. They didn’t know how to get started with budget planning. Both are real situations, […]

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Technology Cancels the Sound of Dentist’s Drill: Wide-Open Dental Marketing Appeal to Phobic and Anxious Patients

It appears that the chaps over at King’s College London’s Dental Institute—the largest academic dental center in Europe—think they have something that will appeal to both dentists and dental phobic patients alike. It seems that Professor Brian Millar and associates have developed an “adaptive filtering” technology that erases the universally disliked sound of the dentist’s […]

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Demystifying Web Analytics

There’s no such thing as a “set-and-forget” Web site. We have yet to find a successful practice Web site that performs well on neglect. We’ve written several articles that challenge the “If-I-build-it-they-will-come” fantasy of early practice Web sites — and provided practical direction about what to do instead. But if your practice Web site is […]

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