Doctor Pay for Performance: Benefit or Whack-a-Mole Solution?

Healthcare is not short of controversy these days. Transformational change is disrupting every corner of the industry. One of the questions facing many physicians is how did I get here? Remembering back to medical school, we were passionate, committed, empathic individuals choosing to serve a higher calling. We took out loans to pay for medical […]

The Disruption of Healthcare Has Already Begun

The first of a two-part guest article contributed by Pediatric Rheumatologist and healthcare thought leader Paul Rosen, MD, a regular contributor to our blog. Dr. Rosen identifies some of the key drivers in healthcare transformation, which might be seen as a field of landmines or opportunities. I was planning to write a piece on the […]

Defining Your Passion: Antidote for Doctor Burnout

[Second of Two Parts] The concluding guest post installment from Pediatric Rheumatologist Dr. Paul Rosen about the challenging, self-discovery process of creating a compelling 18-minute public presentation. Although a TED talk is one example, doctors can use similar, public forum opportunities to draw on and express their passion for the profession and the people they serve. See Part One […]

Defining Personal Passion: A Physician’s Brand Expression

[First of Two Parts] Pediatric Rheumatologist Dr. Paul Rosen—a regular contributor to our blog—offers insight for doctors about creating a meaningful message in the world-famous TED format…or any public presentation. The challenge for any physician is to discover their personal passion in healthcare, and to stand and deliver a compelling 18-minute talk. “Speech is power. […]

Clinical, Personal and Marketing Benefits of Patient Access

Nobody said it would be easy to upset tradition and office culture in order to dramatically re-invent the often-frustrating system of patient appointments. Pediatric Rheumatologist Dr. Paul Rosen spells out how faster, better, easier patient access produces business, personal and clinical advantages. I was talking to a friend last week about a recent experience she had […]

Engaging the Mommy Bloggers – Influential Voice in Healthcare

Pediatric Rheumatologist and thought leader Dr. Paul Rosen—a regular contributor to our blog—talks doctor-to-doctor about why pediatricians and other providers should care about, and connect with, the “mommy bloggers.” Who are the mommy bloggers? Every pediatrician across the country—as well as family physicians and other specialists—should be asking themselves this question…and consider the benefits of […]


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