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The Ideal Doctor Revealed: What Patients Want Most Before You Say Hello

How the Voice of the Customer translates into greater case acceptance and referrals. Some interesting study data came to our attention recently. It’s useful in understanding patient expectations and increasing case acceptance by way of the “Voice of the Customer” (VOC). It’s especially helpful when economic times are challenging for both the patient and the hospital, healthcare […]

All-Time Top 10 Questions: What Patients, Referring Physicians and Payors Want to Know Most

In our work with clients across the United States, we often help medical providers understand what their primary constituencies need and want. A starting point for a provider group for instance, would be an exercise in discovering what patients, referring physicians and payors want to know. And when you recognize the questions of these groups—what […]

[SERIES WRAP] How to Profitably and Ethically Attract The Patients You Want

For the past few weeks we’ve had a lot of fun presenting our seven-part educational video series of successful marketing strategies for healthcare practices and hospitals. Lonnie Hirsch and I (Stewart Gandolf) decided to make these fast-paced and informative presentations available to our readers at no cost, but for a limited time only.

Live From the OR: Do Patients REALLY Want to Watch Open Heart Surgery?

For some time now, we have championed the benefits of video content as a powerful, and often underutilized, tool in healthcare marketing. No pun intended, but here are two cutting-edge video examples of surgery—direct and graphic from the OR. Viewer Discretion Advised. These video examples of actual surgery include graphic content. Online video broadcasts (and […]

Patients Want Online Appointment Scheduling, but Few Medical Providers Claim this Marketing Differentiation

Providing patients with online appointment scheduling appears to be growing in some healthcare sectors, but it’s not an option for most patients. People want it. They use online scheduling in other areas of their daily living. There are business advantages for the provider. BUT—online appointments are a convenience that not many providers offer to patients. […]

What Healthcare Consumers Want in 2021: Breakdown of Key Survey Results

What Healthcare Consumers Want in 2021: Breakdown of Key Survey Results Viewable On-Demand Speakers: Stewart Gandolf Aaron Clifford Watch It Now! The digital patient journey is changing at every touchpoint – from search to scheduling to surveys. Will today's shifts in consumer behavior be an opportunity or obstacle for your healthcare brand in 2021? Stewart [...]
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[Podcast] Bridging the Communication Gap Between Doctors and Patients

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Fasiha Haq, Global Medical Education Advisor at Eli Lilly and Company. This podcast is the fourth in a series of prep for our panel discussion at Eye for Pharma. Lynn Nye, CEO of Medical Minds, co-moderated this podcast with me in advance of our panel discussion at […]


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